Villa on the lake by Mecanoo Architecten

Making the residents feel like living on the water

Project Specs

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The guiding design principle was to create a house that combines transparency with sustainability, forging a strong relationship between the villa and the landscape. The harmony between landscape and interior, architecture and nature, was a key design determinant, particularly regarding sight lines, materials, colours, and lighting. The house is designed from inside out, creating uninterrupted views to the surrounding nature while providing shelter and intimacy. All these aspects work together to ensure the house’s sense of timelessness.

▼湖滨别墅概览,view of the lake villa ©️

▼透明体量,transparency volum ©️




The villa is situated in a green oasis of trees and plants that hide the house from view. Water plants along the water line alternate with stepping stones that lead to other parts of the garden. On the water side, the villa has an optimal view over the lake. Terraces on two different levels connect the villa to both the land and the water, anchoring the house in nature and giving it a welcoming presence. Glass corner windows in the living room, kitchen and other rooms, make the residents feel like they live on the water. Between the house and the adjacent plot, a hilly finger of land with tall trees ensures privacy. By curving the bridge that connects the villa to the main road, the row of trees remains intact. This further increases the sense of privacy and blocks disturbing lights from the traffic.

▼别墅让人感觉仿佛居住在水面上,villa makes the residents feel like they live on the water ©️Blue Sky Images

▼绿色植物将别墅遮蔽起来,plants hide the house from view ©️Blue Sky Images

▼弯曲的桥连接别墅与主干道,a curving bridge connects the villa to the main road ©️Blue Sky Images

▼从桥上看水边风景,view from the bridge to the water line  ©️

▼锚固在自然环境之中,anchoring the house in nature ©️

▼拥有玻璃转角窗的起居空间,living room with glass corner windows ©️

▼从厨房看室外景色,view from kitchen ©️

▼玻璃转角窗,glass corner window ©️

▼洗手间,bathing room ©️


全景视角|Panoramic view


Interior elements such as the fireplace and storage cupboards, divide the house into different places, creating more intimate and private areas within the large transparent volume. In the heart of the house, a full-height void connects all levels and creates another series of diagonal and vertical sight lines. The staircase sews all the rooms together into one interior space. The central atrium brings abundant daylight into the sunken basement and connects the interior to the roof terrace. From the roof terrace, one can enjoy panoramic views as if floating quietly over the expanse of the lake.

fireplace and storage cupboards create more intimate and private areas ©️

▼中通空间将光线引入地下室,central atrium brings abundant daylight into the basement ©️

▼楼梯将所有房间缝合起来,staircase sews all the rooms together ©️

▼楼梯和观景露台,staircase and view terrace ©️

▼别墅夜晚景象,view in the evening ©️

▼首层平面,level 0 plan

▼北立面,north elevation

Programme: 600 m2 three-storey house with one level below water with cinema, games/bar area, wellness/spa area, 80 m2 roof terrace and 176 m2 ground floor terrace
Design: 2015-2016
Realisation: 2016-2018
Client: private
Development: Boheme Development S.L.
Concept design: Mecanoo architecten
Developed architectural design: Arquitectura y Ordenación Urbana S.L. AOU SL
Structural engineer: Fernando Sarria
Engineering: INARQ S.L.

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