Villa N1 By Jonas Lindvall A&D

To created rhythm by mixing the depths of each volume.

Project Specs


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N1别墅是一座位于瑞典西海岸的度假屋,由跨界设计工作室Lindvall A & D主持设计。该住宅坐落于曾闻名一时的度假胜地,如今更多的人选择长期居住在这里。住宅所处之处拥有瑞典最著名的谷仓建筑风景,为契合这种氛围,该占地面积190平方米的住宅采用全木质结构建造。

Villa N1, designed by Jonas Lindvall of the Swedish multidisciplinary design studio Lindvall A & D, is a single-family summerhouse located on the west coast of Sweden. It is situated in an area that was once a popular holiday region, but is now inhabited all year-round. Drawing on the vernacular of the region, which is renowned for its wooden barns with horizontal planks, the 190 m2 single-storey house is built entirely of wood, including the façade and roof.

▼谷仓式建筑外貌,view of the house


Villa N1 comprises five interconnected pavilion-like volumes, organised in a sequence. The children’s bedrooms and master bedroom sit at either end of the main communal areas. Inspired by the typology of the traditional pitched-roof barn, its language is more modernist. The objective was to create a building that is rooted in history, while at the same time totally modern. This is particularly apparent within the interior. The architect created rhythm by mixing the depths of each volume. In addition, the architecture follows the sloping topography of the site, which to some extent differentiates the areas not only in plan, but also in section. On the west-facing side, the children’s playroom and master bedroom are placed at a lower level.

▼住宅由五个开阔的建筑体量顺序相连而成,the house comprises five interconnected pavilion-like volumes, organised in a sequence

除了木材是表达建筑外墙的主要材料之外,室内的其他材料的选择也同样重要。住宅的朴素让建筑内部材料的选择更倾向于简洁朴实。主卫取材自卡拉拉大理石。精致丰富的室内设计与建筑外貌的质朴形成鲜明对比,如同坐落于场地中精致的饰品盒子。住宅的其他部分,如用Pietra Serena石材铺面的地板穿过大厅及主要区域,并延穿过立面窗口延伸至口袋墙,将室内外环境自然衔接。该住宅于2014年竣工。

While the use of wood for the external façade was integral to the concept, so was the choice of materials used within the interior. The austerity of the architecture allows the materials to stand out without distraction. The master bathroom is made entirely from Carrara marble. The objective was to create an opulent contrast to simplicity of the untreated wood façade, reminiscent of trinket boxes. Throughout the rest of the house, Pietra Serena stone floors within the hall and main areas continue beyond the windows that slide into pocket walls, linking interior and exterior spaces. The villa was completed in 2014.

▼客厅与餐厅,living room and dining space



▼石材铺面的浴室,stone as the material for bathroom


▼交通空间,circulation space

▼爆炸图,exploded map




ARCHITECT / FIRM NAME: Jonas Lindvall A & D
PHOTOGRAPHER:Åke E:son Lindman

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