Villa Jardín by ASP Arquitectura Sergio Portillo

A dialog between the constructed building and its environment

Project Specs


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This apartment project occupies the lower level of a building on Mexico City’s west side. It generates a dialog between the newly constructed building and its environment, interweaving the project with its landscape and unifying indoors with outdoors. The design process inserted targeted elements that produced a series of specific, outdoor spaces whose function is directly related to the apartment’s indoor activity.

▼与室外环境密切相连的起居空间,the living space that is directly connected with the outdoor environment

住宅内部有一条连接了公共空间、半私人以及私人区域的轴线,相似地,室外的布局也顺应了这一设计。位于轴线上的墙壁根据功能要求围合或划分出不同的区域。东北侧的两个露台通过花棚彼此相连;其中一个露台包含了起居空间和餐厅,还有一面由木箱构成的垂直花墙, 这些箱子皆回收自支撑结构的剩余材料。第二个露台悬于低处,与景观联系得更为密切,并通过平台下方的沟壑与楼梯相连。

The indoor section has a linear axis with access to the rooms crossing through the common, semi-private, and private areas. Likewise, the outdoor layout follows a parallel design; a wall runs along the axis that encloses and divides the areas based on the required activity. The northeast holds two terraces joined by a pergola; the first houses a living and dining area with a vertical garden built of wooden boxes reclaimed from the shoring system used in the construction. The second terrace rests on a lower overhang, suggesting a closer relationship with the landscape. Finally, a staircase connects it with the gully underneath the structure.

▼第一个露台包含了起居空间和餐厅,the first terrace houses a living and dining area

▼由木箱构成的垂直花墙,a vertical garden built of wooden boxes

▼第二座露台悬于低处,与自然紧密相连,the second terrace rests on a lower overhang, suggesting a closer relationship with the landscape


The southwest houses a more private garden that connects to the bedrooms, the TV room and kitchen, culminating in a contemplative space known as the Garden Box. This open module is designed for an intimate interaction between the spectator and the garden.

▼住宅的西南侧是一个更为私密的花园,the southwest houses a more private garden

▼冥想式的空间氛围,a contemplative space

▼私人花园与卧室相连,the private garden connects to the bedroom


Three transition elements were built with reinforced concrete, each with its distinctive energy. The first is a pool of water that symbolizes the purification of the access space, while endowing the access with movement and sound. The second consists of a garden of energy stones, while the third is a vegetable garden, designed to blend the gully’s natural vegetation with the terraces.

▼入口处的水池形成带有净化作用的过渡空间,a pool of water that symbolizes the purification of the access space


▼露台夜景,night view

Official name of the project: Villa Jardín
Location: Huixquilucan, Estado de Mexico
Project year: 2016
Client: Confidential
Architects: ASP Arquitectura Sergio Portillo
Architect-in-charge: Sergio Portillo Alarcón
Constructor: LINEAL Construcción y Desarrollo Arquitectónico
Engineering: Grupo R (Jaime Rangel)
Landscape design: Integración Orgánica (Noemí González Zarco)
Photo credits: Rafael Gamo

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