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VIATICUS临时展馆位于Cordoaria Nacional建筑西侧的庭院中,是对场地及文脉的回应,展厅设计目的和前提是接待世界最重要的艺术博览会ARCO的参观者。设计师充分考虑的建筑的可能性,建筑可以在概念上转化庭院的类型特征,探寻与城市的关系。庭院使设计师联想到以自省和内敛为本质的建筑类型。另一方面,一座塔利用它的垂直性,表达了被看到和标志性的意图,它是一个在内外空间同时展现自身的建筑元素。

▼庭院内的VIATICUS临时展馆,pavilion VIATICUS in a building courtyard    ©Diana Quintela

The temporary pavilion VIATICUS, arises as a response to its placement, on the western patio of the Cordoaria Nacional building, and it’s simultaneously a reaction to its cultural context, since its condition and purpose is to host ARCO visitors, one of the world’s most relevant art fairs. The option considered the possibility of an architectural proposal which would enable to conceptually invert the typological character of the patio and exploring the way it relates with the city. The idea of a patio, remits us to a typology which is in essence, introspective and self-contained. On another hand, a tower expresses its verticality with the intention to be seen, to mark, an element which manifests itself simultaneously, both inside and out.

▼临时展馆外观,exterior view of the pavilion   ©Diana Quintela

设计师提出了一种结构,或者说是“提出了一种上层结构”。这个独特的结构能够融汇(调和)并整合三种不同的尺度:公共尺度,人们可以在这里分享,用餐和休息;纪念性尺度,艺术展览借此表达自身回归到城市的意图;内部尺度,后台和工作区确保活动成功举办。塔是调和这三种尺度和功能的元素,公众与工作人员在彼此之间和空间的垂直性上进行互动,Carlos Nogueira设计的金色艺术装饰物使空间得到延伸。

A structure is proposed. Or it should be said, “A superstructure is proposed”. A unique system that is able to condense (conciliate) and integrate three distinct scales: the public scale, where people share, eat and rest; the monument scale, where the event announces itself to the city; and the domestic scale, where the backstage and the working areas ensure the event’s success. The tower, works as the element that binds and conciliates these three scales and functions: this turn out to be the moment where public and employees interact, amongst themselves and with verticality of the space, which is elongated by a bespoke art piece, a golden trim, created by Carlos Nogueira.

▼设计以庭院和塔为概念,the design is based on patio typology and tower   ©Diana Quintela

▼塔的垂直性表达了被看到和标志性的意图,a tower expresses its verticality with the intention to be seen, to mark   ©Diana Quintela


The scheme is planned with a longitudinal structure, and a proportion of 1:10 (3 metres wide by 30 metres long) which accentuates the 1:20 proportion of the existing patio. The dialect generated in-between the patio’s typology and the tower, could lead us to believe that this established relation is done through an antagonist and opposing perspective, rather provocative and unexpected. Although, the design’s basic rules come from an intimate understanding of the existing building, where the composition of these virtual cubes with 3x3x3m are given by the 1.5×1.5×1.5m metric that state a principle on the existing building’s elevation. Also, these 3 metres establish a direct dialog with the width of the existing stone masonry staircase, which is an element with a marked and strong presence in the patio.

▼设计采用纵向结构,比例为1:10(3米宽,30米长),the scheme is planned with a longitudinal structure, and a proportion of 1:10 (3 metres wide by 30 metres long)   ©Diana Quintela


The structural order arises as the setting scene of different happenings and suggests a direct relation between both bearing and spatial structures, a set of long textiles work as a binding element, which covers and creates the shaded area, creating new spatial tensions. The draping descends gradually, creating a vertical perspective effect and a mirrored relation with the existing staircase, which enhances and emphasizes the tower’s monumentality. These shadows generating elements, create informal and organic spaces, that contrast and counterbalance with the structures stiffness.

▼一件长长的织物作为连接元素与楼梯形成镜像关系,a set of long textiles work as a binding element creating a mirrored relation with the existing staircase   ©Diana Quintela

▼结构秩序按照不同功能展开, structural order arises as different functions   ©Diana Quintela

▼局部细节,parts details   ©Diana Quintela

▼金色织物细节,detail of the golden trim   ©Diana Quintela

金色垂直元素从街道上凸显出来,解决了塔顶部覆盖物的问题,这是设计师与雕刻家Carlos Nogueira紧密合作的成果,它是整体结构统一性的象征。

▼金色垂直元素从街道上凸显出来,解决了塔顶部覆盖物的问题,the golden vertical element, which emerges from the pavement level and solves the coping on the top of the tower   ©Diana Quintela

The golden vertical element, which emerges from the pavement level and solves the coping on the top of the tower, is the result of an intimate collaboration with the sculptor Carlos Nogueira, it accentuates the symbolic presence of the unity, as an ensemble of structures.

▼夜景,night view   ©Diana Quintela


▼轴测,axonometric drawing

▼钢结构轴测,steel structure axonometric drawing




▼结构细节,structure detail

Client: ARCOlisboa (Ifema), Lisbon Architecture Triennale
Project Team: João Quintela, Tim Simon
Artist Collaboration: Carlos Nogueira (sculptor)
Engineering: Daniel Maio
Partnership: Aresta Renovada, Nomalism, A. Silva Serrelharia
Photography: Diana Quintela

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