Varna Library design, 3rd place by spatial practice

Castle of knowledge in plethora city

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spatial practice设计在瓦尔纳公共图书馆的竞争得到入围,并获优胜作品第3奖。其28,000平方米公共图书馆获奖竞案,从370项参赛作品中获选。

spatial practice design for the Varna Public Library Competition has been shortlisted and selected 3rd place among the winning entries. The design of the 28,000sm public library was selected among 370 entries.

▼ city view 城市景观

1-spatial practice varna library city view - low res


Today, the impact of virtual and digital influence is quite often celebrated through social media and other mediums, we live in a world today that aspires to be more connected and exposed. The role of public space is being redefined. No more traditional mono-functional spaces that allows one program to manifest, rather platforms that allows anything to happen is the real tool of design in the urban realm – place where different things could happen and different sections of society could meet. Libraries today are still functioning as a castle in a city, a place that holds books and allow readers to enjoy that moment. The relationship between in and out, old and new, archive and collection is seen as a wind that pushes you to the future rather than an anchor that holds you back.

▼ 主立面

4-spatial practice varna library main view - low res

瓦尔纳库公共图书馆试图打破一个典型组态的图书馆,一个被解放的地方和成为一个“城市客厅”。一个游客和图书馆用者能够相遇和交流和增进知识的地方,而同时允许公民们拥有各自的延伸客厅空间。中庭作为一个垂直的图书馆客厅并重迭和聚集各种不同游客的互动- 以相遇和交换意见-垂直促进者。 瓦尔纳公共图书馆延伸于现有的公共空间网络。利用其与相邻市政大楼的独特现场关系;游客沿著瓦尔纳的绿色公共通道而閒逛而被引导到新图书馆。 绿道被延伸到设计裡,每一各“知识”平台上拥有草坪袋景观设计,完美地整合景观与阅读空间;从而模糊了关与开之间的关系。

图书馆悬浮在拥有沉厚瓦尔纳市历史的知识库上。 新与旧,过去与未来之间的关系从概念上建立来帮助缓解彼此关系。 利用瓦尔纳与木材的历史和致力于可持续发展木材窗櫺来提供温暖,优雅和柔软元素给周围的混凝土邻里。 折迭的立面设计把途人带到内中心地带; 把新的元素添加到现有的公共空间体系裡。 自由浮动和灵活的阅读区环绕著图书馆週边。 瓦尔纳公共图书馆希望体现一个在木製露台阅读的空间想法,感受微风吹过,在阳台上俯瞰大海,享受阅读的过程。

The Varna Library is an attempt to break the typical configuration of a library, a place where the ground is liberated and become the city “Living Room”. A place where visitors and library goers can meet and exchange ideas and promote knowledge, while at the same time allow the citizens to have an extension of their own living room. The atrium serves as a vertical living room allowing sections of the library to overlap and expose different kinds of visitor interaction – to meet and exchange ideas – the Vertical human promoter. The design grows from the existing public space network, utilizing its unique site relationship with the adjacent Municipal Hall; as visitors strolling along Varna’s green public passage are led into the new Library. The green belt is extended into the design with green pockets on every platform of “Knowledge” seamlessly integrating landscape with reading spaces; thus blurring the relationship between close and open, free and paid.

The library floats above the heavy concrete archives that hold Varna’s vast library collection and history. The relationship between old and new, past and future is conceptually built to help mitigate the relationship. Recalling Varna’s history with timber and commitment to sustainability timber mullions provide warmth, elegance and softness to the surrounding concrete neighborhood. The folding facade lures visitors into the internal street; bringing a new element to the existing public space system. The rigid, flexible floor plates become playful with free flowing reading spaces at its periphery. The library embodies the idea of reading on a wooden terrace, feeling a gentle breeze, overlooking the sea.

▼site plan 总平面

2-spatial practice varna library site plan - low res

▼ 概念分析


▼ 地面层

5-spatial practice varna library groundfloor plan - low res

▼ 平面 (点击进入相册,再点击原图可看到大图)

6-spatial practice varna library plans - low res

▼ 室内

7-spatial practice varna library interior view - low res

▼ 流线分析


9-spatial practice varna library urban view - low res

▼ 剖面a

section a-a'

▼ 剖面b

section b-b'

▼ 阅读空间

12-spatial practice varna library reading space - low res

▼ 夜景

13-spatial practice varna library night view - low res

地点:瓦尔纳 保加利亚
建筑师:spatial practice
项目团队:Erik Amir, Dora Chi, Jason Loo, Ryo Otsuka, Eric Yuen
渲染:Karol Borkowski


Project Details
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Program: Public Library
Project Area: 17,235 m2 (above ground) 11,000 m2 (below ground)
Number of Stories: 8 (above ground) 3 (below ground)
Building Height: 30.5m
Client: Municipality of Varna
Architect: spatial practice
Project Team: Erik Amir, Dora Chi, Jason Loo, Ryo Otsuka, Eric Yuen
Render: Karol Borkowski

Competition Information

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