Union Altosanibeni Nursery and Primary School by Asosiaciòn Semillas para el desarrollo Sostenible

Creating muti-functional space with walls

Project Specs


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学校位于阿尔托萨尼贝尼联盟(Union Altosanibeni)当地的Ashaninka社区。该地区因1990年代的秘鲁内部武装冲突事件而人口大幅下降,直至1998年,社区才逐渐恢复,但仍在之后的20年中未受到足够重视。该学校的建立除了为社区的200名儿童提供服务以外,还将造福于社区中的1000多名居民。

▼项目概览,overview ©Eleazar Cuadros

The school is located in the native Ashaninka community of Union Altosanibeni. This region was depopulated during Peru’s Internal Armed Conflict of the 1990’s. After 1998 the community returned but lived in abandonment for 20 years. This is the backdrop for the school, which in addition to serving the 200 children of the community, benefits the more than 1000 inhabitants of the region.

▼主体建筑外观,outlook of the main building ©Semillas

▼学校的开放空间,服务于社区儿童,open space that serving the children of the community ©Semillas


▼项目场地分析,situation diagram ©Asosiaciòn Semillas para el desarrollo Sostenible

▼建筑轴测图,axonometric drawing ©Asosiaciòn Semillas para el desarrollo Sostenible

The building is adapted to the unlevel terrain and faces the south east. The lateral modules are constructed in two levels and the central module in three. The project consists of three corridors underneath a large roof, and the layout is distributed around a multi-purpose area (the plaza). It features 6 classrooms for primary education and 2 for nursery school, bathrooms with changing rooms, storage rooms, a kitchen, and a library. In the classrooms, the walls are equipped for various activities. They function as bookshelves and teaching surfaces, and the windows provide a visual connection to nature.

▼教室窗外可看到美丽的自然景观,beautiful view of nature from the windows of the classroom ©Eleazar Cuadros

▼教室的墙壁被用作书架,walls as bookshelves in classroom  ©Eleazar Cuadros


▼走廊上的楼梯与滑梯,staircase and slider in the hallway ©Eleazar Cuadros

Two wide hallways run through the building with views of the countryside and connect to the large central “plaza”,  the nucleus of activities for the school. The large central space connects the classrooms, hallways, and library.It can be used as an extra classroom, a recreational space, for physical education, or a place for community meetings and workshops. In the common spaces, all the surfaces serve a purpose and are designed for teaching; along the walls there are wooden panels of different colors which can be folded down to create tables.Two slides and a staircase connect the central plaza to the second floor.

▼中央活动“广场”,large central “plaza” ©Eleazar Cuadros

▼墙壁上多彩的木板可翻折成桌子,wooden panels of different colors can be folded down to create tables ©Eleazar Cuadros

▼多功能的墙壁,muti-functional walls ©Eleazar Cuadros


Finally, the library is laid out in two levels, creating double height ceilings, and is connected to a large laboratory by a bridge.

▼拥有双倍层高的图书馆,library with double height ceilings ©Eleazar Cuadros

▼通向图书馆的台阶,steps towards library ©Eleazar Cuadros

▼图书馆一角,conner of the library © Semillas

▼实验室,laboratory ©Eleazar Cuadros


The structure is constructed of reinforced concrete and wood. The exterior walls are brick made from heated clay, a commonly used material and a locally made product. The interior walls are made of wood panels. The roof is made of panels of OSB and asphalt tiles.

▼建筑外墙采用烧制的粘土砖,exterior walls are brick made from heated clay © Semillas

▼平面图,plan ©Asosiaciòn Semillas para el desarrollo Sostenible

▼立面图,elevation ©Asosiaciòn Semillas para el desarrollo Sostenible

▼剖面图,section ©Asosiaciòn Semillas para el desarrollo Sostenible

▼图书室轴测图,axonometric drawings of library ©Asosiaciòn Semillas para el desarrollo Sostenible

Project name: Union Altosanibeni Nursery and Primary School
Architect’ Firm:  Asosiaciòn Semillas para el desarrollo Sostenible
Country of the Architect’s Firm : Perù
Contact e-mail:info@semillasperu.com
Completion Year: 2019
Management:Asosiaciòn Semillas para eñ desarrollo Sostenible
Financing:Costa Foundation
Promoter:Volcafe Speciality Peru (VSP) Generaciones
Design Team: Asosiaciòn Semillas para eñ desarrollo Sostenible – Marta Maccaglia, Raúl Arancibia, Giulia Perri, Susanna Olivieri
Engineering:Carlos Barreda
Institutional coordinator:Roberto Ortiz (VSP Generaciones), Reena Eddiks (VSP Generaciones), Javier Chavez (VSP Generaciones)
Cooperation: Cps – comunità promozione sviluppo, Unión Alto Sanibeni Native Community, Municipality of Pangoa, Provincial Municipality of Satipo.
Community management: Jonh Mahuanca Casancho, Victor Aco Mahuanca, Mateo Santos Mahuanca.  Mahuanca
Construction: Javier Garcia Paucar, Elias Martinez Ramos
Photo credits:Eleazar Cuadros (FB: @presbiciadelandar | instagram.com/eleazarcuadros), Asosiaciòn Semillas para eñ desarrollo Sostenible
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 985m²

Material Brands / Products:
1. Reinforced concrete and wood : Structure – TRAVI S.A.
2. Brick made from heated clay : Exterior walls
3. Wood panels : Interior walls – ARAUCO
4. OSB panels : Roof – MAVEGSA
5. Asphalt roof : Roof – MAVEGSA IKO
6. Cement – INKA CEMENTO
7. Painting: wall – CCP PAT

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