Tubella House by Agora Arquitectura

House looking at an ancient spinner factory

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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We are on the top floor of a cataloged house located on the Tubella Promenade. A private passage of paired houses, projected in 1925, to offer a healthy life to the workers of the various industries of the neighborhood.

▼建筑位于一栋保护建筑的顶层,the porject is located on the top floor of a cataloged house

住宅与对面的Benet Campabadal纺织厂仅一墙之隔,该项目的业主希望在住宅中设置一个办公空间,以改善住宅的功能。

Sharing a partition wall with the Benet Campabadal Spinners factory, our client proposed introducing a work space in the house and improving the use of housing.

▼住宅外观,exterior view


We discovered some non-conforming volumes, a blinded gallery and a buried terrace, separated from the original values. A demolition, frees the terrace and the gallery outside, getting the interior patio to dialogue again with the open spaces of the context. A clearing, shows inside the lifeblood of a continent. Black iron artifacts are deposited in the interior establishing a link with the industrial world of the surroundings. Silently they contain the housing and work program of the house.

▼新置入的黑色铁制结构与周围的工业建筑建立了关联,black iron artifacts are deposited in the interior establishing a link with the industrial world of the surroundings


▼室内中庭与外界环境形成对话,the interior patio dialogues again with the open spaces of the context

▼室内细部,detailed view


A staircase leads to an hermetic hall. Only the owner will be able to penetrate. A staircase will be offered to the stranger to access a loft to which the workspace is reserved, responding to new industrial demands. Behind the hermeticism, two rooms connected through a dressing room allow to circulate freely in privacy.



A terrace on the outside seems to invade the interior, suggesting a relationship between the house and its old working environment. Going through a last threshold that contains the main bathroom of the house, a new shower replaces the old laundry whipping up the disjunction.


▼淋浴房,shower room

▼室外露台,outdoor terrace

▼轴测图,axon diagram

▼场地平面图,site plan

▼平面图,floor plans



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