TRN Collection by Pani Jurek

Calligraphic forms, bold colors, fine materials and craft techniques. The new TRN collection of Pani Jurek is a homage to the art of Jan Tarasin.

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TRN家具系列始于设计师对Jan Tarasin的绘画和平面作品的迷恋。Tarasin对各种物件有着极大的兴趣,他的创作始于对物体的真实记录,随后经过不断的简化和削减,最终成为一个抽象的符号系统。设计师Pani Jurek在它最新的系列中将这一过程反转过来,将这种意象符号重新变成具体的事物。该系列中的立体物件均有着简单的、文字般的形式,因而它们可以像虚拟字母表中的字母一样形成彼此对话的关系。

A fascination with Jan Tarasin paintings and graphics was a starting point for the creation of the whole collection. Tarasin was interested in the world of objects. He began with a realistic record of objects that he simplified and reduced until a system of abstract signs was formed. In her latest collection, Pani Jurek reverses this process, turning ideograms into things again. Her three dimensional objects have a simple calligraphic form so they can play and talk together as if they were letters from a non-existent alphabet.

▼TRN家具系列 – 灯具,TRN Collection –  lighting fixtures ©PION STUDIO

设计师Magda Jurek解释道:“寻找物体的形态,将事物放置在空间中,或建立它们之间的关系,这些对我来说都是视觉性的概念。我本人是学画出身,是一个画面思维者。我相信每个人都是。装修公寓或者摆放餐桌,有意无意地,我们每天都在以这些方式创作着无数种构图,它们体现着我们对比例和协调性的认知。”

Looking for the form of an object, placing things in the space or building the relation between them, is all “visual thinking” to me. I am also a painter by education and picture thinker. I believe we all are. Furnishing the apartment or setting the table, more or less consciously, means that every-day we are creating an infinite number of compositions, that all refer to our sense of harmony and proportion – Magda Jurek

▼镜子、灯具和边桌, mirror, lighting fixture and side table

▼灯具和边桌, lighting fixture and side table

TRN系列包含5款边桌,4款镜子(包括三种尺寸和一款三边镜)和多款陶瓷灯具,每个单独的产品都可以被整合到一个大的组合当中。釉面陶瓷和家具的制作工艺为该系列赋予了真正意义上的独特性,每一件作品都与众不同。家具的制作是与Square Drip工作室合作完成,以白蜡实木为主要材料,并结合以传统的橱柜制作技术,最后再以天然蜡进行覆盖。陶瓷灯具则以黄铜元素装饰。

There are 5 models of side tables in the collection, 4 types of mirrors (3 sizes and one triple) and ceramic lighting fixtures, whose single elements can be arranged into the compositions. The hand crafted process of glazing ceramics and furniture making gives the collection a truly unique character. Each piece is one of a kind. The furniture is made in cooperation with Square Drip, preservative and bespoke furniture studio. Hand crafted in solid ash wood, with traditional cabinet making techniques, the furniture is wood stained and covered with natural wax. Ceramic lighting fixtures are finished with brass elements.


5 models of side tables




4 types of mirrors
(3 sizes and one triple)



ceramic lighting fixtures



The collection is made for residential and commercial spaces. Objects can be arrange together like blocks of a puzzle, but, due to their sculptured look, they also suit perfectly as single accent pieces in a private apartment.


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