赛拉维斯公园树冠步道,葡萄牙 / Carlos Castanheira




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A visit to Serralves is always a walk through space, in time or in the time of space. Creating a new walk that complements the existing ones, could only be in the canopy of the beautiful and imposing trees of the Park. The walk starts at the furthest eastern end of the Park – just where the “Casa do Cinema” is now being built – it rises gently, bringing us up into the tree canopy, as the ground runs away beneath our feet, it rises skyward.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view © Fernando Guerra

▼局部鸟瞰,partial aerial view © Fernando Guerra

▼夜景鸟瞰,aerial view in the night © Fernando Guerra


We approach a cork tree, without touching it, we go around its rough cork trunk and continue on towards an elegant sequoia. Almost flying ourselves, we approach some bird feeders. We catch sight of a shy wild pigeon, a blackbird clambering between branches and a jay that appears to be hopping through the air. We hear the hammering of a woodpecker as it searches out insects from the bark of a tree. We understand that a tree is a world in itself, full of Life. A diverse and complex life. We stop at the points where we can take a rest and spy on the life that is taking place in the tree canopy.

▼位于树林中的步道,the walkway in the woods © Fernando Guerra

▼步道环绕粗糙的树干 © Fernando Guerra
the walkway wraps around the rough tree trunk

▼仰视步道,looking up at the walkway © Fernando Guerra


We cross paths with a group school of children, their questions produce a tremendous chirping sound as they look for answers to satisfy their curiosity. One family, represented by all its generations is passing along the walkway; the youngest looking out of a pram, while the oldest uses a wheelchair. It is easy to enjoy the walk and take it all in. In the amphitheatre space, a guide addresses a group, explaining some detail of the fauna and the flora of the route. Passers-by stop and linger. They take it all in. We are now quite high up; such is the height of the Canopy in the Park. We search for new, never seen, never felt views and we long for, however brief, some panoramic view of Foz do Douro and the infinite Atlantic.

▼步移景异,the scenery is changing along with the moving step © Fernando Guerra

▼效果图:由入口走向树林,rendering: way from entrance to forest © Carlos Castanheira

▼步道位于树冠之中,the walkway is in the canopy © Fernando Guerra

▼露天剧场,the amphitheatre space © Fernando Guerra

▼下沉坡道,sinking ramp © Fernando Guerra

▼储物空间,storage space © Fernando Guerra


We are walking on timber, almost everything in timber. Structure, walkway, balustrades become one with the trunks and branches. In time they will become ever more alike and the walkway will eventually be as if it had always been there. Like a growing tree that asserts its place naturally. The bravest or most courageous can climb up or down the stairs connecting the lower level of the site with the highest point on the walkway, which allows for escape and safety.

▼效果图:蜿蜒曲折的木步道 © Carlos Castanheira
rendering: the winding wooden walkway

▼支撑结构如同树干,the support is like a tree trunk © Fernando Guerra

▼结构细部,details of structure © Fernando Guerra

▼步道与景观融为一体 © Fernando Guerra
the walkway is integrated with the landscape

▼效果图:项目远观,rendering: distant view © Carlos Castanheira


We complete the walkway almost where we started it. But we return changed, after another, but different, experience in Serralves. We are in the canopy, up nearer to the sky, but still close to earth.

▼夜景,night view © Fernando Guerra

▼模型,models © Carlos Castanheira

▼区位图,location © Carlos Castanheira

▼总平面图,site plan © Carlos Castanheira

▼平面图,plan © Carlos Castanheira

▼分段图纸,drawings of different parts © Carlos Castanheira

Architects: Carlos Castanheira
Office: CC&CB – Architects, Lda.
Project Architect: Nuno Rodrigues
Project Team: Filipe Mota, Diana Velho, Catarina Araújo, Gil Lima, Sara Cabral
Structural Project: Paulo Fidalgo – HDP,Lda
Structural Project Team: Rui Almeida, Paulo Cachim, Pedro Neto
ITED Project: Fernando Ferreira – Gatengel, Lda
3D and rendering: Germano Vieira

Contractor: Portilame, Lda
Photography: Fernando Guerra, FG+SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura

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