Travessa by FAHR 021.3 + Dalila Gonçalves

Iron staples inserted in the white silos

Project Specs


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Iron staples of different sizes and orientations are inserted into the space between the 4 silos. As an allusion to the support elements used in construction for the preservation of facades and buildings, these small metal beams grab the different cylinders making them a sole element.

▼装置远景外观,distant exterior view of the installation


▼示意图,餐厅将盘子固定在一起的方式,the diagram that shows how plates are clamped

With this same intent, restaurateurs clamp daily utensils like plates, jugs, glasses, platters. In this case, the gesture of preservation is at the service of history, the past is grasped, while the silos lose their original function.

▼装置远景外观,将不同尺寸的钉子以不同的角度插入4个筒仓之间的空间中,distant exterior view of the installation, inserting iron staples of different sizes into the space between the 4 silos in different orientations

▼装置远景外观,铁钉模仿支撑元素,distant exterior view of the installation with the iron staples as the supporting elements

▼装置近景外观局部,铁钉将四个白色的筒仓固定成一个整体,partial close exterior view of the installation, the iron staples grab the different cylinders and make them a sole element

▼装置近景外观局部,铁钉和筒仓呈现出支撑结构和艺术作品本身之间的脆弱的平衡,partial close exterior view of the installation, iron staples and silos present the tenuous border of support elements and the artistic object


If we see this gesture in the light of our action, the Silos become the Object and the staples the support. We can imagine ourselves looking at the back of the four white porcelain vases stapled together while inside the action continues.

▼街角弧面镜中的Travessa装置,the image of the installation reflected in the mirror


This intervention does not improve the building functionally, but it gives the Silos a new meaning, emphasizing the form, the construction itself. It is on this tenuous border of what is support and what is the artistic object that this project presents itself.

▼装置夜景,night view of the installation

▼设计草图,探讨铁钉插入的位置和角度,the sketch that explores the position and the orientation of the inserted iron staples

Team: FAHR 021.3 (Filipa Frois Almeida, Hugo Reis) with Dalila Gonçalves
Curator: Andreia Garcia
Photography: Filipa Frois Almeida
Client: Lionesa
Location: Maia, Portugal
Year: 2017

More: FAHR 021.3 + Dalila Gonçalves      更多关于他们:FAHR 021.3 on goooodDalila Gonçalves on gooood.

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