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To nurture and create a performative office culture

Project Specs

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Translation is a multi-faceted agency that rigorously unveils the layers of a brand to generate creative nuances that allow them to deftly guide brands to thrive within contemporary culture. The environment where Translation operates should also nurture and create a performative office culture, a physical storytelling.

▼项目概览,preview © Magda Biernat


▼整体布局模型,overall layout model © vonDALWIG Architecture

Considering the floor layout and access towards the Manhattan view, we developed a Band – a multi-layered definition that hosts a variety of dedicated spaces, freeing up access to the views yet providing enough semi-private and private gathering and meeting areas and open work stations. The placement of the Band promotes activity, movement and builds connections front-to-back and side-to-side.

▼办公空间,office area © Magda Biernat

▼公共区域 – 咖啡区,communal area – tea room © Magda Biernat

▼讨论墙,pin-up partition © Magda Biernat

▼休息室,lounge © Magda Biernat

▼小组工作室,group work area © Magda Biernat

▼会议室,meeting room © Magda Biernat

▼电话隔间,booth area © Magda Biernat

▼电梯厅,elevator hall © Magda Biernat

▼阶梯座椅,terraced seating area © Magda Biernat

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Status: Completed 2019, 3rd Flr / In construction, 4th Flr
Program: Commercial Office / Multi-faceted Agency
Size: 46,000 SF
Architecture & Design: vonDALWIG Architecture
Photos: Magda Biernat

More: vonDALWIG Architecture。更多关于他们:vonDALWIG Architecture on gooood

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