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A spatial fantasy that traverses across different scales

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Appreciation towards Li Zhe – San Architects for providing the following description:

TP是一处举办艺术相关活动的空间设计项目,在满足运营功能的前提下,San Architects尝试以人的攀爬行为作为设计的基本尺度,建立起一系列与攀爬经验相关的空间秩序,从而促使体验者在不断切换的攀爬空间中浮现出室内外被颠倒的错觉,以及身处在不同尺度间连续穿越的空间幻想之中。

TP is a space design project for art activities. Under the requirements of program, San Architects tries to use personal climbing experience as the basic scale of design and establish a series of spatial order related to climbing. Encourage the experiencer to be in a spatial fantasy that traverses across different scales.

▼TP艺术空间,TP Space ©乙乙

▼与攀爬经验相关的空间秩序,Spatial order associated with climbing experience ©乙乙


攀爬的体验|Climbing experience


Compared with walking, the physical feeling brought by climbing is more intense, which makes our perception of space more profound. If the feeling of walking is the sequential development of the scene, then the feeling of climbing is space switching. The experience of reaching a boundary from one level to the other, it can also be said that climbing is a clue to the connection of different space boundaries.

▼不同层级空间连接的线索,Clues of different levels of spatial connectivity ©乙乙

▼在不同层级间攀爬穿越,Climb across different levels ©乙乙


空间的秩序|Order of space


▼尺度与秩序,Scale and order ©San Architects

In addition to the scale of function and the scale of the body, if the dynamic behavior of climbing is used as the scale of design, the expansion of space will also change, while showing the order of a series of spatial scene switching, Expand a series of space illusions that are upside down and traversing.

▼攀爬的尺度,Scale of climbing ©乙乙

▼以攀爬为尺度的空间秩序,Space order based on climbing ©乙乙

▼空间中局部所呈现的几何风景,Geometric scene presented partly in space ©乙乙


空间穿越|Space crossing


▼空间幻想,Space fantasy ©San Architects

Space is not absolute, space can be an illusion that exists in the minds of the experiencer. In a limited physical boundary, the design inspires the potential “scale and order” in the mind of the explorer by constructing a climbing scene and placing a wormhole-like mirror, that is, a fantasy world outside the physical space.

▼攀爬所引发的物理空间外的幻想 ,Fantasy outside the physical space caused by climbing ©乙乙

▼镜面所形成的空间虫洞,A space wormhole formed by a mirror surface ©乙乙

▼物理空间与幻想空间的连接,Connection of physical space and fantasy space ©乙乙

▼平面图,plan ©San Architects

建筑规模:400 m³
设计单位:李喆 / 散·建筑设计工作室

Project Name: TP Space
Project Location: Haidian District, Beijing
Building size: 400 m³
Project time: 2011.03-2018.06
Design: Li zhe/ San Architects
Architectural Photography: YIYI
Support: YIYI Architecture Record

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