Toraya Exhibition: The Principles of Wagashi by Ryusuke Nanki

Enjoy the wagashi in the “tea room” created by wooden lattice

Project Specs


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Toraya: The Principles of Wagashi was held from October 11th through October 27th, 2019. The exhibition showcased the historical origins and underlying principles of traditional wagashi created by Toraya, one of Japan’s leading confectioners.

▼展览空间概览,overview of the exhibition ©Yasu Kojima


▼木格网架结构的实体概念模型,physical concept model of the wooden lattice structure ©Ryusuke Nanki

▼木格网架结构的二维和三维对比,the 2D view and 3D view of the wooden lattice structure ©Ryusuke Nanki

Some wagashi are like abstract sculptures, able to express a rich world with limited ingredients. The exhibition sought to convey this expressive power of wagashi via spatial and video installations. Soaring 26 meters tall, the venue’s ceiling height posed a unique conceptual challenge. As wagashi are meant to be engaged in intimate spaces, the exhibits had to be brought closer to patrons to recreate the ceremonial tea house experience. This was accomplished by tethering fireproof hinoki cypress dowels together with Kevlar rope to make a 6.75m2 grid, consisting of irregularly sized squares. Once suspended from the ceiling, this lattice simulated a similar sense of scale as a tearoom. The design was inspired by the “kinton” technique, in which wagashi forms are assembled using many linear strips of bean paste. Although simple, this wooden lattice created the impression of an abstract space that resembled a mountain vista, and cast shadows reminiscent of sunlight streaming between trees.

▼采用耐火的日本扁柏木木钉和凯芙拉绳等材料,打造出一个由一系列不规则正方形所构成的网格结构,tethering fireproof hinoki cypress dowels together with Kevlar rope to make a grid, consisting of irregularly sized squares ©Yasu Kojima

▼网格结构被悬挂在天花板上,在展览空间内营造出一种茶室的氛围,the lattice simulated a similar sense of scale as a tearoom once suspended from the ceiling ©Yasu Kojima

▼网格结构细节,details of the wooden lattice structure ©Yasu Kojima


The project also entailed creative direction of the exhibits and an accompany video component. The exhibit displays featured actual wagashi, alongside raw ingredients and related confectionary tools. Four line-drawn video animations illustrated the history of Japanese confections and provided a clear explanation of how wagashi are made. A musician was enlisted to compose audio unique to each video. When all four videos played simultaneously, the audio came together in concert.

▼视频装置,the movie box ©Yasu Kojima

▼展品,和菓子的原料——葛根,the exhibits of raw ingredients of wagashi – root of kudzu ©Yasu Kojima


By applying the principles of wagashi throughout the space, visitors were afforded a richer experience of the exhibition’s theme on both an intellectual and immersive visceral level.

▼代表四季的和菓子,wagashis of four seasons ©Yasu Kojima

▼展架设计,furniture design ©Ryusuke Nanki

▼平面布置图,layout plan ©Ryusuke Nanki

▼立面图,elevation ©Ryusuke Nanki

Project Name : Toraya Exhibition: The Principles of Wagashi
Designer:Ryusuke Nanki
Creative team:
Architect / Directior / Screenwriter: Ryusuke Nanki
Exhibition Producer: Noriko Takayama / Maya Kato
Art Director / Graphic designer : Ryosuke Kato
Constructor / Technical direction : bibariki
Music composer : Hiroki Baba
Movie producer : Kazuta Yanagihara
Movie production manager : Kaede Yamaguchi
Animater / Editor: Keiki Hori
Photographer for animation : Masatomo Takasaki
Noren produce: iroiro LLC.
Artisan of Wagashi : Kazuyuki Moriyama
Support of Wagashi : Fumie Koizumi, Naritada Matsudaira
Coopration : Toraya Confectionery Co. Ltd.
Planning and production of exhibition : Bunkamura
Total floor area: 91.12m2
Completion date: 2019,10,11
Location: Japan,Tokyo,Chuo-ku、Tokyu Plaza Ginza “Kiriko Lounge”
Photo credit :Yasu Kojima

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