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To Be Honest.Spain是AAIS工作室在西班牙赫罗纳举行的为期三天的活动,活动意在用建筑、音乐、灯光和舞蹈等手法探讨“诚实,信任,尊严”的主题。活动包括排舞记录,艺术表演和晚餐。

To Be Honest.Spain, is a three-day event that raises awareness on how truth, trust and integrity rely on our day to day life. The event consists of a choreographic documentation workshop, an art performance <The Hidden Silence> and a dinner taking place on July 6th, 7th and 8th respectively in Girona, Spain.



<The Hidden Silence> 是一场多种艺术手段相结合的表演。一条完整并且循环的故事线被刻意的打乱并重组。观众被邀请参与其中,重新构想完整的故事。该项目对人们的经验、认知、遗忘、叙事和记忆提出疑问。它创造了一个复杂并且可变化的环境,观众可以通过不同的路径和角度观察舞者。音乐的三个组成部分和三个舞者的动作一一对应,通过看似简单的重复之间的对比,使观众了解到自身认识到局限。

<The Hidden Silence> is a multi performance presenting disrupted phases within a cycle of a single storyline. Audience are invited to reimagine how a story is been told. The piece questions what has been experienced, the valid and the forgotten, the narrative and the memory. It creates an enigmatic environment of multiple paths and perspectives where the fidelity of rituals is interrogated. This choreographic documentation introduces the experience of documentation with the audience. It reflects on the different perspectives of the characters involved in <The Hidden Silence> performance. Audience will experience the fluctuations of “cycle” from different angles in an outdoor space of multiple intensities. During the performance the audience role will shift from a spectator role to a participant role according to the timeline. As part of a performance a working sessions (workshop) will be offered.







design firm: Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio
site of the project: Girona, Spain
date: July 2017
creators: Tuo Lin, Xiuxiu Chen, Jeehyeon Rosa, Miranda Orozco, Souraya Kreidieh
choreographers: Renaud Wiser, Malgorzata Dzierzon
music: Tom Froggatt, Xiuxiu Chen
dancers: Renaud Wiser, Jonathan Goddard, Joe Walkling from New Movement Collective (NMC)
directors: Theo Lorenz, Tanja Siems
photo: Valerie Bennett

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