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curving walkway showing the beauty of nature

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The Walk景观是架在草地上的人行步道,旨在唤起人们对草地与植物的关爱,了解其重要性,并重新认识日常生活中容易忽略的小细节。景观唤醒了人们的环保精神,让人注意到身边的自然之美,思索庆典、环境、文化与艺术的丰富主题。悬浮在草地上方的人行步道由8个弯曲的单体组成,每个单体宽1米,长度在12-15米之间。不同单体高低起伏形成斜坡,整体面积达414平方米。每年,The Walk景观都可以增长变化,仿佛是与草地、人、动物、树木一样的有机体。

The Walk is an elevated walkway above the grass, conceived with the purpose of helping humans realize the importance of a small plant like grass, and pay attention to trivial details around them that are usually neglected. The project is to wake up the spirit of a place to make people aware of its natural beauty and the meaning of festivities, environmental conservation, culture, and art. The walkway floating above the grass is composed of 8 curved shapes. Each of the pieces is 1 meter wide but varies in length from 12 to 15 meters. They are grouped together in high and low reliefs, winding with the slope, spanning over an area of ​​414 square meters. The walkway of The Walk will grow and transform every year, as organic as other living things like grass, humans, animals, trees, and other natural creatures.

▼景观远眺,overview ©Spaceshift Studio

▼顶视图,top view ©Spaceshift Studio

The Walk景观富有诗意,展示着当地自然美景与当代艺术、文化相结合的价值观。当踏上通往自然世界的旅程,人们便暂时逃离了日常生活,环绕在新鲜空气和温暖的阳光中,享受美妙的体验与放松的心情,沉浸在氛围和记忆里。

The poem of The Walk narrates the value of local natural beauty combined with contemporary art and culture. A journey into a world of nature represents an escape from everyday life, a sharing of experiences, relaxation, freshness of the air, the warmth of the sun, the immersion in the ambiance and memories.

▼景观与环境,landscape and environment ©Spaceshift Studio

▼连续的步道,the continuous walkway ©Spaceshift Studio


The creation of a new and light-weight horizon must not alter the purity of the space. This is achieved through the use of thin steel rods the size of the stem of Napier grass (super grass) growing in the area. The creation brings out the maximum potential of a material so small yet so robust, featured in a simple structure and a construction method that result in strength and unaffected beauty. 83 steel rods of 12 mm. diameter were arranged and curved to form slabs for the walkway, supported by columns and beams made of steel rods of 25 mm. diameter at every 1 meter, which transfer the weight to a small reinforced concrete base, buried 20 cm. deep underground. The walkway is a vantage point that portrays the similarity in size of man-made steel rods and the stems of the grass in the area. The scale renders possible for these two things to blend in with the surrounding landscape.

▼步道底板,slabs of the walkway ©Spaceshift Studio

▼钢管组成的支撑结构,supporting structure made from steel rods©Spaceshift Studio

作品通过连续的步道,循环的路线,可增长变化的图案以及可重新选址的灵活性,展示出景观步道的新功能与新内涵。The Walk是一件能够适应所有空间与所有环境的艺术品。

The never-ending walkway, the loop, the extension, and the change of pattern, as well as the relocation to other areas, create a new meaning and serve a new function – an artwork that suits all spaces and adapts with any environment.

▼概念草图,sketch concept ©Bangkok Project Studio

步道的角度与地形的高低起伏和两侧视野相呼应,步行板的重量在整个区域内分布均匀。The Walk景观成功创造出了一种全新的体验,让人们欣赏到不同季节与节日的自然氛围,领略到沿途不易察觉的细微风景。正如鱼类在河中畅游,鸟类在天空翱翔,步行也是人类的一种自然习惯。The Walk让人回想起步行的重要性,从此不再忽视这些细节的美好。

The direction of the walkway is aligned with the low-high relief, the view on each side, and the weight of the slabs is distributed evenly across the area. The Walk at Moobaan Wonder will be one of the experiences that inspire people to appreciate the natural ambiance that varies with different festivals and seasons, and to look back on the details once overlooked along the way. Walking is a natural human movement, like fish swimming in the river, birds flying in the sky. The Walk is a constant reminder for humans to notice these little things which from now on will no longer be overlooked.

▼人与景观的互动,interaction with the walkway ©Spaceshift Studio

▼夜景,night view ©Bangkok Project Studio

▼平面图,plan ©Spaceshift Studio

Project Name: The Walk
Architecture Firm: Bangkok Project Studio
Contact e-mail:
Firm Location: Bangkok, Thailand.
Completion Year: 2020
Gross Built Area: 414 sq.m
Project location: The Fields at Siam Country Club, Pattaya, Thailand
Lead Architects: Boonserm Premthada
Lead Architects e-mail:
Photo credits: Spaceshift Studio
Photographer’s website:
Photographer’s e-mail:
Design Team: Boonserm Premthada, Jaruj Thammasoontorn, Pacharaphol Osotcharoenphon
Engineer : Preecha Suvaparpkul
Clients: Moobaan Wonder by Wonderfruit
Engineering & Construction: Mungkorn Furniture Co.,Ltd.
Consultants: Moobaan Wonder by Wonderfruit

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