THE TWINS in Paris Fashion Week by CORPUS STUDIO

Installation aesthetics: asymmetric balance in motion

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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Corpus Studio was commissioned by luxury fashion label, Jitrois, to make an ephemeral site-specific installation for Paris Fashion Week. The result was an architectural sculpture comprised of two kinetic mobiles built from steel and mirrors. The sculpture has a delicate composition that pays homage to Alexander Calder’s mobiles, yet due to the industrial materiality and bold lines it also has a brutalist aesthetic which stands in stark contrast to its location; a Napoleon III apartment-come-showroom overlooking the Jardin des Tuileries.

▼粗犷的设计与历史性的环境形成对比,stark contrast between a brutalist aesthetic and its historic surrounding


One mobile is suspended from the all-white apartment’s ceiling and the other is transposed, sitting erect on the floor. The circular mirrors are attached in tension to a steel structure and along with the semicircular arcs, rotate on their axes. The over-all effect is a provocative exercise of asymmetric balance as the mobiles rotate. The mirrors’ reflections randomly catch glimpses of the historic apartment and the viewer themselves; often merging all three together in infinite multiplication when the mirrors align, reflecting one another and recomposing the space. One feels transported through the passages of time (past, present and future) yet totally at peace in the surrounds of the space and architectural sculpture.

▼其中一个可动臂从天花板上悬挂下来,one mobile is hung from the all-white apartment ceiling

▼装置细部,details of the installation


▼钢制的半圆弧结构强化了装置的工业感,the structural steel arc enhances its industrial materiality


The mobiles, in dialogue with one another by means of chiastic rhetoric structure (a literary tool, often used in poetry to emphasis and question meaning) reflect Jitrois’ identification during a time of rebirth. Despite an evolving creative direction that is moving towards a more contemporary aesthetic appealing to a new generation, the company is not without complete disregard of past inspirations; on the contrary, they choose to distort them and exact a new perspective.

▼通过镜子的反射,装置仿佛在与自身和周围环境进行对话,the mobiles in dialogue with each other and the surroundings by reflections


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