The Third Eye by Minwook Paeng

We are all less evolved Phono Sapiens

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智能手机已经深度地渗透到现代人的生活中,许多人离开手机几乎难以生活。虽然不能将之视为一个好的现象,但人类向“Phono Sapiens”(手机智人)的演变是一个不可否认的现实。

来自英国皇家艺术学院工业设计专业的学生Minwook Paeng坦然接受了人体被智能手机控制的事实,并认为这是一种积极的变化:它为仍在进化中的Phono Sapiens提供了更加广阔的视角,使我们能够对进化完善的一代Phono Sapiens做出预测。

▼视频,video © Minwook Paeng

Smartphones have deeply permeated into modern people’s lives, which made it difficult for us to live without them. This is perceived negatively, but the evolution to Phono Sapiens of mankind is undeniably a reality.

So I accepted the fact that the human body is controlled by smartphones as a positive change. This gives us a broad perspective on the unfinished Phono sapiens. It also allows us to predict and propose fully evolved generation of Phono Sapiens.

© Minwook Paeng

“第三只眼”象征着Phono Sapiens的第一次进化:当我们必须一边走路一边盯着手机屏幕时,便进化出了第三只眼睛。这只眼睛可以独立运转,帮助我们在全神贯注于智能手机的时候仍然能够安全走路。

该项目并非只是普通的产品设计,它更多地是在传达一种具有讽刺性或批判性的观点。设计者有意地绕开了我们现如今遭遇的问题,希望通过“第三只眼”来审视我们自身的行为,并重新思考“向Phono Sapiens演化”这一具体的问题。

The third eye is its first evolution. We can’t take our eyes off of our smartphones while walking. That’s why we evolved to have a third eye. This eye moves separately from the rest of the eyes and it opens when our previous eyes are looking at smartphone.

This project is not just a common product design, but more of an ironic or critical design. Through “The Third Eye”, I hope people can criticize our behaviors and rethink about ourselves evolving to Phono Sapiens than resolve the problems we encounter in the present.

© Minwook Paeng


▼设计示意,concept © Minwook Paeng

Arduino is used actively in this project. Gyro sensor measures the angle and acceleration placed inside the product to sense when a person tilts his or her neck. The black component that looks like a pupil is an ultrasonic sensor for sensing distance. When an obstacle is in front of the user, the ultrasonic sensor can detect this and inform the user via a connected buzzer. 

 © Minwook Paeng

第三只眼可以通过头带或帽子等多种方式被固定在使用者的头部。不过,为了进一步凸显“向Phono Sapiens进化”的过程,设计者选择用轻薄的凝胶垫将它贴在额头上。

There are many ways to place “The Third Eye” on your head. It can be attached to a headband or a hat. But to express the process of evolving to Phono Sapiens, I affixed the product with a thin gel pad to the forehead.

 © Minwook Paeng

▼生产过程,production process  © Minwook Paeng

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