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荷兰酒店集团“学生酒店”(Student hotel) 刚刚在西班牙巴塞罗那的Marina和Poble Sec区开设了它的头两个学生公寓,提供了一种独特的共同生活和共同工作的混合功能的项目。Student Hotel与总部位于巴伦西亚的创意咨询公司Masquespacio合作,为这两栋楼进行翻新和设计。

The Dutch hotel group The Student Hotel, which provides a unique co-living and co-working hybrid, has just opened its first two student-only Campus properties in the Marina and Poble Sec districts of Barcelona, Spain. The Student Hotel has collaborated with Masquespacio, the Valencia-based creative consultancy, for the refurbishment and design of both properties.

▼入口大堂,黄色区域为接待处,蓝色区域为学生信箱处;the entrance hall, the yellow area is for reception and the blue area is for students’ mail boxes

▼公共区域提供多处座椅,供学生交流使用;the common area provides multiple seating area for students to communicate

玛丽娜校区位于一栋有4个塔楼的21000平方米的建筑中,其中包括500间客房。该物业具有公共空间,如游泳池、游戏区、开放和封闭的座位区,以及安静的书房,以鼓励学生之间的交流,同时为学习和发展提供足够的空间。考虑到the Student Hotel作为国际客户和其强烈的品牌身份,Masquespacio已经开发出了一种与品牌形象保持一致的混合设计,同时通过使用当地材料和大胆的色组来增加地中海特色。

The Marina Campus is housed in a four-towered 21,000 m2 building that includes 500 rooms. The property features communal spaces, such as swimming pools, gaming zones, open and closed seating areas, as well as quiet study rooms to encourage connectivity and exchange while providing enough space for learning and development. Considering both the international clientele and the strong identity of The Student Hotel, Masquespacio has developed its design by creating a mix that remains in keeping with the brand’s image while adding a touch of Mediterranean identity through the use of local materials and a bold color palette.

▼接待区域采用大胆的色组以增加地中海特色,reception area uses a bold color palette to add a touch of Mediterranean identity

▼沿街一侧的墙用巨大的玻璃窗打开,窗台也利用相同颜色元素做成了座位区;large windows open the wall along the street, and the deep windowsill also becomes seating area using the same color elements

▼公共区域提供多组座椅供学生交流使用,the common space provides multiple seating areas to encourage communication between students


▼穿过公共区域旁显眼的红色半透明帘幕是为了学习而设置的较为安静的区域,the quiet study area is located on the other side of the common space behind the outstanding translucent red curtains

▼公共区域还设置有供学生休闲娱乐的游戏场所,there are also entertainment areas at the common space


The property was designed in an eclectic style that fuses materials, colors and textures. You’ll recognize some Memphis style with a little bit of Seventies vintage and an industrial aesthetic, among others. Each corner, decorative detail and visual element aspires to blend perfectly with a student lifestyle by being part of their daily activities and aiming to be a source of inspiration for them. Ana Hernández, creative director from Masquespacio points out: “It should be noted how the use of color not only influences ones mood, it can also be used to create a bold design statement in the environment.”

▼随处可见的充满工业化设计元素的装饰细节,decorative details with industrial style

▼户外泳池,the outside swimming pool

▼室外过道用了鲜明的颜色和代表Student Hotel的巨大字母,the passageway uses bright colors and big letters “SH” to represent Student Hotel

The Student Hotel提供的同生活与工作的商业模式为快速发展的国际社会提供了一个独特的混合功能类型的目的地。目前的地点包括:鹿特丹、阿姆斯特丹(城市和西部)、海牙、格罗宁根和埃因霍温。在2017年,巴塞罗那和巴黎的Melon地区的房产将会升级,新的设施和服务将进一步把该房产整合到the Student Hotel集团中。佛罗伦萨和马斯特里赫特的Student Hodel将于2017年开业,博洛尼亚将于2018年开业,马德里、柏林、罗马和Delft将于2019年开业。该集团计划到2021年在欧洲城市拥有41处房产。

The Student Hotel co-living, co-working business model provides a unique hybrid destination for a fast-growing international community. Current locations include: Rotterdam, Amsterdam (City and West), The Hague, Groningen, and Eindhoven. In 2017 the Melon District properties in Barcelona and Paris will be upgraded with new facilities and services further integrating them into The Student Hotel group. The Student Hotel Florence and Maastricht and will open in 2017, Bologna in 2018 and Madrid, Berlin, Rome and Delft in 2019. The group plans to have 41 properties in European cities by 2021.

客户:the Student Hotel
地点:西班牙巴塞罗那,邮编:08018,C / Sancho de Avila 22号,TSH校区
摄影:Luis Beltran
设计方向 – Naomi Thellier De Poncheville(TSH)
客房室内设计 – Naomi Thellier De Poncheville(TSH)
艺术家插画师(升降机/庭院墙):Jose Miguel mendez
开发经理:Kristian Aipassa
家具供应商:Sancal,MIDI BCN,Ames,Galvanitas
照明供应商:Onok Lighting,Toss B

Client: The Student Hotel
Location: TSH Campus, C/ Sancho de Ávila, 22, 08018, Barcelona, Spain
Design: Masquespacio
Photography: Luis Beltran
Surface: 21940 m2
Interior design Communal spaces: Masquespacio
Design direction- Naomi Thellier De Poncheville (TSH)
Rooms interior design- Naomi Thellier De Poncheville (TSH)
Artist illustrator (lifts / courtyard wall): Jose Miguel mendez
Contractor companies: Construcia
Development manager: Kristian Aipassa
Consultant: Arcadis
Furniture supplier: Sancal, MIDI BCN, Ames, Galvanitas
Room furniture supplier: Modus
Custom furniture supplier: Construcia & local suppliers
Custom furniture manufacturer: Local manufacturers
Lighting supplier: Onok Lighting, Toss B

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