The Salt Series II by Tom Hegen

Aerial photography of oil painting texture

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海盐是人们日常生活中不可或缺的一种产品,但几乎没有人真正了解它是从何而来、怎么产生的:将海水注入蒸发池,让来自太阳和风的能量使海水浓缩以促进盐的生成。当盐浓度上升时,水中的细菌就会改变它们的颜色。等到池塘完全干涸,就会得到一层25厘米左右的盐。最后,将它们收取后进行清洗、分装以便运输。来自德国的摄影师和设计师Tom Hegen希望通过这组摄影作品,激发人们对自然之美和生态环境的关注。

Sea salt is a product that is heavily included in our everyday’s life but we hardly know where it comes from and how it’s been produced: Seawater is fed into evaporation ponds. Energy from the sun and wind concentrates the water to help encourage salt growth. The colour of the water comes from micro bacteria, which changes their hues when the salt concentration rises. Once ponds are completely dried out, a layer of salt of around 25 cm in the pond is ready to harvest. After harvesting, the salt gets washed and ready for transportation.

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