The Pop-Up Store For Double Win @ Tianmuli, China by JOYSEASON Studio

Boating in a “lotus pond”

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以创意特调咖啡为特色的Double Win将快闪店的位置选在了地标性的杭州天目里园区,旁边的邻居都是耳熟能详的品牌:喜茶、Seesaw、%Arabica等等。当品牌找到我们时,没有过多的要求,只希望这次快闪店的空间设计可以结合杭州的城市特色。

Double Win, featuring creative special coffee, chose the location of the pop-up store in the landmark Tianmuli Park, Hangzhou. The neighbors next to it are familiar brands: Heytea, Seesaw, %Arabica, and so on. When the brand invited us, they didn’t ask too much, only hoping that the space design of this pop-up store could be combined with the urban characteristics of Hangzhou.

▼概念快闪店如同一个发光的礼盒出现在丛林感的天目里园区 © Arttteeezy
The pop-up store appears as a luminous gift box in the lush Tianmuli Park


Tianmuli is located on the edge of the West Lake Scenic Area, and you can see the lush green mountains when you look up. As Hangzhouer working in Shanghai, we are very familiar with this city: walking from the branches and alleys of the old city, will help us get into the mountains and rivers easily; nature and the city are fully connected, which is an unique experience in other cities. Because of the existence of the West Lake landscape, Hangzhou, which was originally noisy and busy, has become more poetic and calm, and the landscape has affected the temperament of the entire city.

▼透过玻璃立面望向店铺内部,View to the interior through the glazed facade © Arttteeezy

在构思如何表达杭州城的时候,我们选择从古人的诗词中寻找灵感,那些文字是很有画面感的:“绿杨阴里白沙堤”,“欲把西湖比西子,淡妆浓抹总相宜”,“水光潋滟晴方好”……在古代文人的笔下,临安城因西湖山水而不同。最终,我们选择了杨万里的两句诗作为此次Double Win快闪店的故事线索:



▼概念草图,Concept sketch © 锦莳设计

▼平面图,Plan © 锦莳设计

When conceiving how to express the city of Hangzhou, we chose to find inspiration from ancient poems. Those words are very graphic: ” Luk Yeung Galleria, the shadow of the white sand embankment. “, ” The West Lake looks like the fair lady at her best. Whether she is richly adorned or plainly dressed. ” , ” The brimming waves delight the eye on sunny days. “… In the writings of ancient literati, Lin’an City is different due to the West Lake landscape. In the end, we chose two poems by Wanli Yang as the story clues for this Double Win pop-up store:

“Take a nap in a small canoe under the leaves and flowers of lotus,
surrounded by the fragrance of the smoke and water of West Lake.”
by (Song) Wanli Yang

In the description of the poet, during a nap, in a dream, a small boat rippling in the waters of the West Lake, with lotus leaves protruding high above the water; the poet lies on the boat, squinting, watching the sky from the gap between flowers and leaves Through. In the drenched water vapor, the smell of earth, water plants, lotus, and water vapor is permeated, and the gurgling sound of a small boat pushing aside the surface of the water is in his ears.

▼室内概览,Interior view © Arttteeezy

▼吧台正面,The bar counter © Arttteeezy

▼游船般的动线,Arriving like taking a boat © Arttteeezy


In this description, a few figures have constructed the scene from multiple perspectives of vision, hearing, and taste. With a great sense of picture, the ancient poems has something in common with the scene experience that the pop-up shop wants to express.

▼从客座区望向吧台,View to the bar from the seating area © Arttteeezy

▼座位空间,Seating area © Arttteeezy

▼座位细节,Seating area detailed view © Arttteeezy

▼顶篷幕帘细节,Curtain elements © Arttteeezy


In this design, we tried to use modern design language to reconstruct the artistic conception of the poet’s writing in the space, so as to realize the resonance of emotion and experience.

▼街道视角,View from the street © Arttteeezy

项目名称: Double Win天目里快闪店设计
设计方: 锦莳设计
主创及设计团队: 梁海涛、王梦波
项目地址: 浙江省杭州市天目里园区
建筑面积: 102㎡
摄影版权: Arttteeezy
客户: Double Win Café

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