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The Marine Education Centre in Malmo – is a new learning landscape that explores the effects of climate change and promote sustainable development by the sea. Under a huge roof, where landscape and building become one, visitors can learn about sustainability and people’s impact on the marine life.

▼项目概览,overview ©Adam Mørk

▼建筑与临海景观融为一体,the building is integrated with the coastal landscape ©Adam Mørk


Back in 2014 NORD Architects won the competition for a new Marine Education Centre in Malmo, Sweden, with an iconic building that brings visitors closer to hands-on experiences with life in sea and sustainability. The new centre blurs the distinction between architecture and landscape and creates a smooth transition from coast to sea.

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view ©Adam Mørk

“随着气候的变化、海平面不断上升和暴风雨的加剧,我们比以往任何时候都需要了解海洋生物及海洋与人类活动之间的相互影响。”NORD建筑事务所的合伙人Johannes Molander Pedersen说。

“With the changing climate, rising oceans and increased severity of cloudbursts, there is a need more than ever to understand the profound influence that marine life and the oceans have on our lives. And the profound impact that people have on the life in oceans”, says Johannes Molander Pedersen, partner at NORD Architects.

▼建筑在海岸到海洋之间创造了一种平稳的过渡,the new centre blurs the distinction between architecture and landscape and creates a smooth transition from coast to sea ©Adam Mørk


The Marine Education Center’s goal is to improve the conditions for a viable sea by promoting knowledge, awareness and responsibility of citizens, business and decision makers – and welcomes everyone from school classes to families on tour. Based on research and collaboration with universities and research institutes, the center seeks continuously innovation and learning.

▼项目正立面,the front facade ©Adam Mørk

▼入口区域,the entrance area ©Adam Mørk


▼屋顶轴测图,roof axonometry

▼建筑中所运用到的系统运行示意图,the schematic diagram of the operation of the system used in the building

Flexible learning spaces under the unifying roof, creates an environment that alternates between indoor and outdoor activities and encourage visitors to dive into a multitude of experiments and science-based knowledge that focus on marine life. The building itself is promoting a sustainable approach and the roof expresses a performative combination of sustainable concepts and technique. All technical installations like water handling and circulation, solar energy production and consumption and ventilation were all on display in competition proposal and part of the total learning experience on resources and sustainability.

▼独特的屋顶为室内带来了多扇天窗,the unique roof brings multiple skylights to the interior ©Adam Mørk

▼可以灵活开展室内外活动的学习空间,the study space that can develop indoor and outdoor activity flexibly ©Adam Mørk

“我们已经打造了一个沉浸式的学习环境。它存在于景观、建筑、和自然与文化的过渡中。该中心面向所有对人类在自然生命周期中所扮演的角色感兴趣的人开放。在这里,人们可以亲身体验到海洋生物的生存之道,并在此基础上运用自己的感官进行探索,进而分析和理解自己对海洋生物的观察。” Johannes Molander Pedersen说。


▼傍晚时分,in the evening ©Adam Mørk

“We have developed a learning landscape where education is everywhere. It is in the landscape, in the building and in the transition between nature and culture. The centre is open for everyone who is interested in the role we as humans play in nature’s life cycle. It allows hands on learning experience that invites users to explore using their senses in the field, and thereafter analyze and understand their observations of the marine life”, says Johannes Molander Pedersen.

The Marine Education Centre was designed to be highly flexible, allowing the organization and allocated functions to adapt over time with the emergence of new technologies and changing needs.

▼选址平面,site plan



Facts on Marine Education Center / Marint Kunskaps center
Location / Ribersborgsstigen 4, 216 13 Malmo, Sweden
Client / City of Malmo
Year / 2014 – 2018 (1. prize competition / opened officially 29 November 2018)
Area / 700 m2
Team /competition and design
Architects – NORD Architects
Landscape – NORD Architects
Engineer – Grontmij Malmö
Photographs – Adam Mørk 

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