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本项目是为高层住宅建筑Line Condominium所做的景观设计。Line Condominium共42层,距离Mochit轻轨站300米,位于泰国国家铁路枢纽所在的Jatutak区。其地理位置的历史意义催生了本景观设计的主要概念。此外,随着近期轻轨线的扩建,Mochit站将成为轻轨交通网络中重要的换乘车站。

因此,建筑师决定通过一系列设计元素,如用流动的步道模仿铁路、创造地形等,营造一种通往各个自然景观的氛围,从而赋予了本项目“旅行”的意义。由此衍生出本项目的4个独具特色的区域,它们分别是:地景(Ground Line)、水景(Water Line)、云景(Cloud Line)和园景(Park Line)。

▼景观鸟瞰图,bird-eye’s view

The Line Condominium, a 42 story high residential building is situated in the Jatutak Area, 300 metres from Mochit BTS skytrain station. The concept of the landscaping design mainly derives from the history of the State Railway of Thailand which has its railway hub in Jatujak. Moreover, with the recent extension of the BTS line, Mochit station will become the main interchanging node in the network.

The Line Condominium, therefore, represents the idea of ‘travelling’ to different natural destinations by using design elements such as flowing pathways to mimic railway tracks and creating landforms. There are altogether 4 zones depicting the concept which are: The Ground Line, The Water Line, The Cloud Line and the Park line with each has its own unique feature.

▼概念生成图,concept diagrams



地景 | The Ground Line


The main feature of The Ground Line is the wooden curved element wall situated at the entrance to the project, representing the mountainous landscape of Thailand.

▼入口处代表泰国山景的木质曲线墙,the wooden curved element wall at the entrance to the project, representing the mountainous landscape of Thailand

▼山景墙细部,details of the wooden curved element wall


Situated on the ground floor, The Ground line acts as the activity hub of the project by the creation of six circulation routes leading to different activity nodes. These are the forest route, the mountain route, the waterfall route, the over river route, the rice field route and the floral route.

▼地景主题步道沿途景观分析图,the diagram of landscapes that residents can experience when walking through routes


The intention of the designer is to create an experience of a railway journey through the different natural landscape of Thailand when walking through these routes with the insertion of activities such as jogging, library pavilion, playground and BBQ terrace. The introduction of varying types of plantations from large trees to low lying shrubs and bushes are made here to enhance the atmospheric condition of the different natural landscapes.

▼行走在地景步道上,住户可以欣赏到树景,residents can enjoy the tree view when walking through the route

▼水景公园,aquatic park

▼地景主题步道中加入图书亭,景观由室外延伸至室内,inserting the library pavilion into ground routes, making the landscape extend to interior space


水景 | The Water Line


The Water Line zone includes the 7th and 8th floor of the condominium functioning as an exercise zone and a swimming pool. Similarly, the landscape design of this zone follows the play of curvature lines of the railway.

▼水景区全景,The Water Line zone view

▼水景区景观设计也遵循了铁路蜿蜒的造型,the landscape design of this zone follows the play of curvature lines of the railway

▼水景区的泳池,the pool in the Water Line zone

▼水景区可以俯瞰城市景观,the Water Line zone provides a city view

▼水景区泳池边的室外休息区,the outdoor terrace beside the pool at Water Line zone

▼水景区泳池边的半室外休息区,the semi-outdoor terrace beside the pool at Water Line zone

▼水景区的景观亭,pavilion at The Water Line zone


云景 | The Cloud Line


The 41st floor of the project is the zone of the cloud line. The intention of this zone is to create a lounge/party space which is functional both day and night. The main feature of the ‘Cloud Terrace’ is 2 sunken seating areas within the pool and a slanted 6 metre high Aluminum/Glass partition screen in between the pool deck and the private lounging rooms.

▼云景区夜景,俯瞰城市景观,the night view of The Cloud Line zone, residents can overlook the city

▼首层地景平面图,ground floor (The Ground zone) plan

▼7层水景平面图,7th (The Water zone) plan

▼41层水景平面图,41th (The Cloud zone) plan

▼6条主题步道示意图,the diagram of six routes

▼首层地景细节分析图,the diagram of The Ground zone on the ground floor

▼7层水景细节分析图,the diagram of The Water zone on the 7th floor

Client: Sansiri PCL & Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS)
Category: Residential
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Design Period: 2015
Completion Year: 2016
Site Area: 9,064 SQ.M.
Collaborators: Plan Associates Co.,Ltd., DWP | Design Worldwide Partnership,
Photographer: Wison Tungthunya, Paronamic Photograph

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