The Garden House in Stockholm by Studio Richard Lindvall

An everlasting beauty

Project Specs


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Concrete and corten steel was used to create this Garden house for a private client outside Stockholm. Both these materials aged beautifully. Sinks and faucets were installed.

▼小屋外观,exterior view

▼混凝土和耐候钢是主要材料,concrete and corten steel were used as the main material

▼小屋中安装了特制的水槽和龙头,sinks and faucets were installed

▼空间中所有的材料都显出一种历久弥新的美,the material ages beautifully

Materials used: valchromat, concrete, glass

Location: Stockholm
Designer: Richard Lindvall
Company: Studio Richard Lindvall
Photographer: Johan Annerfelt

More: Studio Richard Lindvall,更多请至:Studio Richard Lindvall on gooood

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