The Fully Saxon Middle School by Lemanarc SA

The “compact space in the school and the energy pillar of the building”

Project Specs


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The Fully Saxon middle school is located in martini District of lower Valais State. In 2011, the “compact space in the school and the energy pillar of the building” proposed by Lemanarc won the approval of the jury, and nearly 400 students (11-14 years old) were officially welcomed since January 2016. It is named Fully Saxon middle school because it is the first time that students from Fully town and Saxon town have been gathered together, of which students from Fully town account for two-thirds and students from Saxon town account for one-third.

▼学校外观,exterior view ©Jean-Claude Roh


The school was built to provide “one common building and facility” for students and teachers in both towns. With 50 classrooms, the project enjoys the best natural lighting and is adjusted by multiple opaque and transparent windows that make up the facade. At the same time, the glass reflects the image of the mountain and integrates into the grape landscape of Fully town. The connection of the two wings of the building gives the depth and superposition effect of the elements through the reflection of the glass on the facade.

▼连结的两翼,the connected two wings ©Jean-Claude Roh


▼平面和立面图,plan & elevation ©Lemanarc SA

Although the two buildings are built on an offset basis, they are still limited. By giving a visual impression of the complete separation of the two buildings, it not only brings a close connection to the central area of the school, but also provides more space for the site. Such a building layout makes you not feel its real size. When we are in one or another part of this building, we are like in a cocoon.

▼中庭,atrium ©Vincent Zhengmao Zhang


On the aesthetic level, the building has simple lines and is built of precious metals, wood and concrete. In addition, the interior has a soft visual effect, including a skylight in the center of each element. Through playing with blocks and stairs, it creates a deep impression and relaxed feeling for this middle school.

▼天窗位于每个元素中心,each element has a skylight in its center ©Vincent Zhengmao Zhang

▼交通空间,circulation ©Vincent Zhengmao Zhang



▼剖面图,section ©Lemanarc SA

In terms of building technology, the energy efficiency of glass composite is also a major core. In order to increase the autonomy and performance of buildings, solar panels are installed on the roof. In addition, heating is generated by a heat pump. Using the location of the site, the heat pump directly absorbs heat from the surrounding groundwater level.

In order to combine aesthetics and technology, all ventilation elements are hidden in the room, dedicated to ventilation, heating and power in the room, which cannot be seen from the outside. From the ground, only solar panels can be seen.

▼中庭天窗,skylight of the atrium ©Vincent Zhengmao Zhang


In terms of building temperature and regulation level, the project has achieved gratifying results and passed the test of deep winter and hot summer. For example, when the outdoor temperature is 32 degrees, the indoor temperature is only 23 degrees.

▼楼梯间细节,stair well detail ©Vincent Zhengmao Zhang

▼剖面图,section ©Lemanarc SA

▼结构细部,constructive detail ©Lemanarc SA

设计方:Lemanarc SA 瑞盟设计
项目设计 & 完成年份:2011     
主创及设计团队:Vincent Zhangmao ZHANG张万桑,Xavier Marlaire ,Simon Potier
建筑面积:7,000 m²  
摄影版权:Lemanarc SA
摄影师:Jean-Claude Roh (外观) ; Vincent Zhengmao Zhang (室内)

Project name: Construction of a cycle of orientation in fully
Design: Lemanarc SA   
Contact e-mail:   
Design year & Completion Year: 2011  
Leader designer & Team: Vincent Zhangmao ZHANG张万桑,Xavier Marlaire,Simon Potier
Project location: Commune of Fully,Switzerland  
Gross Built Area (square meters): 7,000 m²
Photo credits: Lemanarc SA
Photographers: Jean-Claude Roh (exterior) ; Vincent Zhengmao Zhang (interior)

Clients: Cummune de Fully, Commune de Saxon

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