The Flower Pavilion, Biennale D’architecture of Lyon by laisné roussel

Spiraling up greenhouse.

Project Specs


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The Flower Pavilion

Laisné Roussel 在里昂建筑双年展上为他们设计的第一版花卉景观亭举行了揭幕仪式。双年展于6月8日至7月9日在苏克雷埃尔举行,其中汇集了各界的从业者、运营人员、学者、教授、学生和开发商。他们被邀请到这里进行思考、工作、生产和讨论。装置坐落于索恩河畔,设计灵感来自于玻璃温室。设计师试图营造出在丰富多彩的植被环绕下向上漫步的空间感受。

Laisné Roussel unveils the Flower Pavilion at the entrance of the first edition of the Biennale d’Architecture of Lyon. This event which takes place from June 8th until July 9th at the Sucrière brings together practitioners, operators, researchers, professors, students and manufacturers who are invited to think, work, produce and debate together. Erected on the banks of the river Saône, this installation was inspired by greenhouses to create an upward wander, surrounded by colorful vegetation.

▼里昂双年展上的花卉景观亭,the Flower Pavilion


A Collaborative Process

景观亭的设计与一家专门的温室公司 M-Tech(Marchegay)合作创造,公司的专业性使得设计团队可以建立一个可持续的、成本可控的结构。建成后的景观亭与另一个名为“Habiter”项目位于同一个空间中。它邀请游客在垂直生长的花果园中漫步,进入眺望台可以环视周围的景观。作为一个俏皮的装置,景观亭弥合了建筑内外部的空间、打破了建筑与自然和界限。这个探索性的装置是对未来建筑的展望。

The Flower Pavilion was created within the scope of the project “Habiter” together with Michel Philippon. A strong collaboration with M-Tech (Marchegay), a pioneer company in greenhouse technologies allowed the team to create a sustainable and cost-efficient structure. The double spiral staircase invites the visitor to wander vertically in a fruity and flowery garden and provides access to the belvedere where one can contemplate the surroundings. Designed as a playful installation, the Pavilion disrupts the boundaries between inside and outside, between architecture and nature. This exploratory structure is a vision for what could be tomorrow’s architecture.

▼景观亭以温室为创作灵感,design is inspired by the greenhouse

▼装置细节,detail of the installation



Technical Process

景观亭是一个 11.90m 高的白色钢结构装置。焊接好之后再进行涂装工作,最后覆以 5cm×5cm 的白色金属网。双螺旋的楼梯在顶端进入到一个眺望台。底部两处类似滑梯的金属结构和主空间联系在一起。核心部分和延伸出来的结构上都悬挂了绿色植物,刺激游客的感官体验。

The Pavilion is comprised of a tubular, 11.90m high steel structure, which is welded, coated in white, and covered with a thin white metal mesh of 5cm x 5cm. The double spiral staircase allows for one to ascend up to the belvedere. Two metal slides are attached to the structure. The flowers hanging from the central core and slides invites visitors to discover a sensorial experience.

▼结构中的绿色植物丰富了感官体验,extraordinary sensorial experience

▼研究模型,research models


Project: The Flower Pavilion
Location: Biennale d’Architecture of Lyon La Sucrière – 49/50 Quai Rambaud, Lyon Architect: laisné roussel
Height: 11,90 m
Status: Ongoing exhibition

Copyright images + documents : LAISNÉ ROUSSEL
Copyright photo : Giaime Meloni

Project team: LAISNÉ ROUSSEL Paris, France
Project leader: Dimitri Roussel
Team: Victor Deplus, Julie Siol, Elena Grajera Romero, Rohit Nandha, Adèle Vibert

Marchegay Construction company: MTECH
Real-estate developper: PITCH PROMOTION
Construction company: SCOB-BÂTIMENT

Construction company: SPCM

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