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The Farm住宅距离多伦多向东1小时车程,占地65英亩,坐落于安大略省西南部农业区一片宁静的绿地,毗邻自然森林保护区。 农房住宅作为委托方的周末及假期的休闲度假别墅,为雇主、家人子女、亲朋好友的到访,聚会和居住使用,在这样一个静谧之地可以一年四季享受到放松和愉悦,远离喧嚣而忙碌的城市生活。

Located an hour east of Toronto, The Farm occupies a 65-acre site amidst the peaceful green fields of this Southwestern Ontario agricultural region, adjacent to a large conservation forest. It serves as a weekend and vacation home for the client, his grown children, and a variety of friends and family who frequent the tranquil property for relaxation and enjoyment year-round, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

▼项目概览,project overview

The Farm是多个建筑物与活动设施的集合体,散布于优美如画的田园风景之中。设计希望将住宅与场地历史,自然景观紧密映衬,同时加强建筑与户外空间的联系。 住宅主体坐落在一个南北走向的低地山脊之上,建筑最重要的长立面朝向东方,沐浴在清晨的阳光中欣赏周边连绵起伏的山丘,茂密的树丛和远方郁郁葱葱的Ganaraska森林。 一个场地内的池塘位于下坡段,与此相连的一段蜿蜒小溪流将地域一分为二,形成宁静而被树树荫环绕的世外桃源。

Comprised of several buildings and structures spread over the property amidst a plethora of natural landscape features, The Farm aims to engage the history and physical attributes of the site while amplifying a relationship with the outdoors. The main house sits atop a shallow ridge and follows a north-south orientation, with the primary longitudinal elevation facing east to capture morning light and a compelling view of the property’s rolling hills, dense thicket of trees, and the lush Ganaraska Forest beyond. An existing pond concentrates activity downslope; continuing on, a winding stream that bisects the property is a calming presence, shaded by the surrounding trees.

▼散布于怡人风光之中的建筑组群,several buildings and structures spread over the property amidst a plethora of natural landscape features

建筑位于碎石路尽头开外200英尺,从L形的车道可以到达位于建筑长边的主入口。 住宅陡峭的山墙屋顶和夸张的长度显示出对于本土长屋建筑形式的现代演绎,从车库到主人套房建筑全长153英尺,外墙以雪松壁板覆盖外层涂染软炭的色泽,与周边树木翠绿,棕黄及灰色的背景以及景观中的暗色树皮和岩石形成相互映衬的整体。 立缝金属屋顶的颜色也与周边环境完美契合,在两端有着深悬出的屋檐。

The main house is set back 200 feet from a dead-end gravel road, accessed from an L-shaped driveway leading to the long bar of a building. Its steeply gabled form and exaggerated length suggest a modern interpretation of the vernacular longhouse typology. Extending 153 feet from garage to master suite, the house is clad in cedar siding stained a soft charcoal, a perfect complement to the varied greens, browns and greys of the foliage, bark and rock comprising the landscape. A standing-seam metal roof is perfectly matched in colour, with deep overhangs at either end.

▼立缝金属屋顶与建筑主体立面和周边环境形成色彩的统一,a standing-seam metal roof is matched in colour with building exterior and the surroundings

▼从主套房室外庭院看去的宽阔视野,endless view of the property’s rolling hills from the master bedroom

在这里,长屋的空间构成转换为从公共功能到私密功能的依次排布。 在卧房部分又通过空间划分设置了更高的私密性:豪华的双层挑空主人套房选取优越的地理位置,房间有着向南的朝向和僻静的庭院,另外两间卧室均位于房屋的二楼。 此外,车库上方一个独立的阁楼空间可被用于艺术创作工作室,也可作为独立的客卧套房。

Here, the longhouse form translates into an even distribution of program from public to private functions in a sequential fashion. Additional privacy is maintained through the separation of sleeping quarters: the luxurious double-height master suite enjoys a privileged position with southern orientation and a secluded patio, while the other two bedrooms are located on the second floor of the house. Additionally, a separate loft space above the garage functions as both an artist’s studio and self-contained guest suite.

▼独立的阁楼空间可被用作艺术创作工作室,a separate loft space as artist’s studio

多个入口的设置确保了住宅长形空间的流通性:西立面的正入口与东面对应位置的可开启窗墙形成平衡,将内部生活空间与宽敞的户外庭院连接起来,一眼望去是青翠而又无边无尽的景观。 在北端,餐厅以占据房屋整体进深的2英尺宽度,使空间具备了多种功能:当可收进墙体内部的滑动玻璃门关闭时,房间是一个温暖亲密的聚会空间; 当滑动门打开时,餐厅成为一个开敞走廊,这里不仅可以作为一个室外房,而且是连接建筑前后,内部和外部,东面和西面的空间纽带。

Multiple points of entry ensure a degree of permeability along the home’s considerable length: the front entrance on the west elevation is balanced on the east by an operable window wall connecting interior living space with the generously scaled outdoor patio, capitalizing on the verdant and seemingly limitless view. At the north end, the dining room occupies the full 22-foot width of the house and offers a flexibility of function: when the sliding glass pocket doors on either side are closed, the room is a warm, intimate space for gathering; when the doors are slid open, it becomes a breezeway—not merely an outdoor room, but a conduit connecting front and back, interior and exterior, east and west.

▼餐厅温暖亲密的聚会空间,the dining room  is a warm, intimate space for gathering

▼餐厅玻璃滑动门收起后形成为一个开敞走廊,glass doors of dining room are slid open to become a breezeway

质朴的材料颜色运用显现出这一具有戏剧变化的场地环境蕴含的内部张力,单以简洁的建筑形体和光影的微妙变化反映出设计的空间感及感染力。 公共区域的抛光混凝土地板与用于室内木制品,二楼楼梯和木地板的大量白橡木达成视觉上的色彩平衡。 黄杉木的运用形成了室内富有表现力的屋顶梁木结构,以回应项目内在固有的质朴本原。

A restrained material palette defers to the power of the dramatic site conditions, allowing the simplicity of form and the subtleties of light and shadow to inflect the project. Polished concrete floors in the public areas are balanced by an abundance of white oak used for millwork throughout, and for the stairs and flooring on the second level. The introduction of Douglas fir in the form of an expressed structural ceiling system is a reminder of the inherently rustic origins of the project.

▼室内的白橡木色彩与剖光混凝土地面形成自然的映衬,polished concrete floors are balanced by an abundance of white oak

▼厨房吧台,kitchen space

▼黄杉木的运用形成了室内富有表现力的屋顶梁木结构,uses of Douglas fir for expressed structural ceiling

▼白橡木楼梯台阶细部,white oak wood staircase detail

The Farm住宅并不是一个乡间的标志性建筑,然而住宅是一个凝聚场地独特属性和自然景观的建筑群,最大化利用和享受周边的风光景致,同时与自然形成更紧密的联系。在车库的最北端是一个禅院,以完美的方形呈现出一种半封闭式的结构,可用于组织团体或单独的活动,如瑜伽,冥想,阅读或简单放松。墙壁由2“x 4”Ipe木板铺制,屋顶则由相同尺寸的空心铝构件形成通风的格栅上空,提供部分的保护和遮檐。在主屋以南五十英尺处,是一个以室外泳池,温泉浴池和下沉式壁炉为核心的第二活动区,用于桑拿间,泳池设施和维修功能的半遮檐空间,以及一个独立而有趣的小型木屋与住宅主体的形状和材质形成呼应。木屋是一个空间比例得当,包含一间卧室的附加客房,可供需要时使用。

▼位于车库最北端的禅院,adjacent to the garage’s north end of the house is a Zen Garden

The Farm was not conceived of as a single iconic house in the country, but as a compound of buildings that engage the compelling qualities of site and landscape in such a way as to maximize use and enjoyment while establishing a greater connection to nature. Immediately adjacent to the garage at the north end of the house, a Zen Garden manifests as a perfectly square, semi-enclosed structure that is meant to encourage group or solitary activities such as yoga, meditation, reading or simply relaxing. The walls are defined by 2” x 4” ipe slats, and overhead, identically sized hollow aluminum members form an open trellis, offering partial protection and cover. Fifty feet south of the main house, a secondary zone focuses activity on an outdoor pool, hot tub and a sunken fire pit beneath another trellis. Small accessory sheds contain a sauna, pool equipment and mechanical functions, and a separate, enticingly compact cabana mirrors the form and materiality of the main house—a perfectly proportioned additional one-bedroom guest suite should the need arise.

▼空心铝构件形成通风格栅上空,hollow aluminum members form an open trellis

▼室外泳池空间,the outdoor pool area

▼有着木格栅顶棚的下沉式壁炉空间,a sunken fire pit beneath another trellis

▼用于桑拿间的半遮檐空间,small accessory sheds contain a sauna

▼洗手间细部,bathroom details

池塘位于主屋以东约220英尺处,它的存在如同为平缓的坡地施加了磁场般的引力。 白天,场地呈现出风景如画而内在的一面,受到得天独厚的生态环境所吸引,小型野生动物长期居住于此。傍晚,万籁俱静时的观星变为一项十分受欢迎的夜间活动,人们可以坐在环绕篝火摆放的阿迪朗达克椅子上舒适地仰望星空。在池塘东边葱翠树林的深处,溪水声与映入眼帘的涓涓细流别有意蕴,两座木桥连接着河岸的两侧,邀约人们前来探索,漫步于这片神秘的森林,引发深深的冥想与遐思。

Located some 220 feet east of the main house, the pond exerts a magnetic and gravitational pull down the gentle slope of the site. By day, it is a scenic and intrinsic aspect of the property, inhabited by small wildlife creatures who are drawn to its life-giving properties. By night, in the darkness, stargazing becomes a favoured nocturnal activity for those comfortably ensconced in the Adirondack chairs that ring the adjacent stone fire pit. Beyond the leafy grove of trees east of the pond, the sight and sound of the stream offers a surprising reward; two wooden bridges connect either side of the bank, inviting exploration and a deep contemplation of the mysteries of the forest.

▼夜景,night view of the house

▼基地位置,site location

▼总平面图,master plan

▼一层平面图,first floor plan

▼二层平面图,second floor plan



Project Design Lead: Darcy Hanna
Designer & SPD Principal: Scott Posno
Interior Design: &Daughters
Builder: Den Bosche & Finchley
Structural Engineer: Blackwell Structural Engineers
Millworker: Lakeland Interiors
Photography: Double Space Photography

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