The Desert Island by Gjøde & Partnere Arkitekter

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“沙漠岛”是丹麦设计师事务所Gjøde & Partnere Arkitekter的最新装置设计作品。在今年的澳大利亚科特索海滩“海边雕塑”活动中,该事务所将一座长72米的曲面镜面墙搭建在印度洋沙滩上。该曲面镜面墙以直径为60米的圆为原型,将广袤的印度洋景观映射在自身。弯曲的镜面将沙滩向远处延展,海平线在镜面上浮动,让人仿佛置身于一座孤岛。

The Desert Island is the latest installation by Danish architect studio Gjøde & Partnere Arkitekter. For this year’s Sculpture by the Sea in Cottesloe, Australia the studio has conceived a curved mirror wall that spans 72 meters across the beach facing The Indian Ocean. The curved mirror wall is arranged along a semi-circle with a diameter of 60 meters and creates a panoramic reflection of the sea and the horizon. The reflection in the curved mirror wall extends the horizon onto the beach to enclose a space that appears to be a desert island floating in an endless sea.

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view


The installation follows a simple geometry and uses reflection as a visual effect to create an elusive space that invites people to interact both socially and with the scenery. By creating an illusion of a desert island, the installation puts people in a state of solitude. But at the same time, it also creates a strong sense of togetherness as it makes all who enter onto The Desert Island part of the reflection of the scenic surroundings and thereby the installation itself.

▼与人的互动,the interaction with people and the sea


Architect: Johan Gjøde, Gjøde & Partnere Arkitekter 
Materials: Glass mirrors, plywood boards, timber frames, steel fixtures and steel plates
Height: 2,44 meters 
Depth of entire construction: 21 meters
Width of entire construction: 63,4 meters
Width across mirror wall: 60 meters
Depth of individual frame: 1,6 meters
Width of individual panel: 1,22 meters
Length of the curved glass mirror wall: 76,4 meters
Location: Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Australia 
(The exhibition runs from the 2nd to the 19th of March 2018)
Project Year: 2017 – 2018
Aerial Photograpy: Richard Watson
Photography: Ross Duggan & David Dare Parker

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