The Coal Mine Series by Tom Hegen

Aerial photography of Lignite mine

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褐煤至今为止仍是德国最主要的能源之一。煤炭能源为人类文明做出了巨大贡献,促进了经济和社会的进步,但同时也造成了巨大的生态问题。化石燃料的使用进一步加剧了全球变暖的现象。来自德国的摄影师和设计师Tom Hegen在气球上拍摄了以下这组名为“Coal Mine”的照片,从鸟瞰的视角为我们展示了褐煤矿的壮观景象。

Lignite is still one of Germany’s largest energy suppliers. Energy production from coal has enabled our civilization to make great economic and social progress, but at the same time it represents one of our greatest ecological problem. Burning fossil energy sources contributes significantly to global warming.Photos were taken on some gas-ballon rides in 2016.​​​​​​​

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