The Catenary and The Arc by Manuel Bouzas & Santiago del Aguila

Hanging installation corresponded with ancient stone arcs.

Project Specs


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Appreciations towards Manuel Bouzas & Santiago del Aguila for providing the following description:

Insòlit2019是一个富有创意的短期装置庆典,于七月第一周在Palma的各个庭院中举办。活动由Aina Bigorra, Erik Herrera和Pep Rovira策划,旨在以一种充满活力的参与方式展示巴利阿里群岛的历史价值。

Insòlit 2019 is a festival of temporary installations that opened the doors of Palma’s courtyards to creativity during the first week of July. The project, curated by Aina Bigorra, Erik Herrera and Pep Rovira, wants to promote and show in an active and participative way the heritage value of the Balearic Islands, through temporary creative actions.

▼装置位于古老的Can Balaguer庭院中,the installation was located in the courtyard of Can Balaguer

“悬链与弧线”是由建筑师Manuel Bouzas和Santiago del Aguila设计的临时装置,位于由建筑师Flores y Prats设计的Can Balaguer庭院内。设计参考了庭院中的石拱,以倒置的弧线与其呼应。装置的轻钢网格由悬索组成,覆以醋酸纤维材料,在室内投下温暖的光线。

▼装置的弧线与石拱相呼应,the arches of the installation corresponded with the stone arcs in the courtyard

▼装置为庭院提供荫蔽,the installation provided shade in the courtyard

▼轻盈舒展的装置,the installation stretched with lightness

▼装置细部,closed view to the installation

▼装置在室内投下红色的光线,the installation projected a warm light in the interior

“The catenary and the arc” a Temporary Installation by  Manuel Bouzas and Santiago del Aguila architects, in the Can Balaguer courtyard (by the architects Flores y Prats) in Palma de Mallorca. The proposal takes as reference the arches of stone of the patio, and the opposite with a reverse geometry, catenaries formed light steel meshes, covered with acetates that project a warm light in the interior of the courtyard.



▼剖轴侧图,axonometric section


Title: La catenaria y el Arco
Architecture Office: Manuel Bouzas & Santiago del Aguila
Web: https://bouzinga.tumblr.com
Architects: Manuel Bouzas & Santiago del Aguila
Date:  Carrer de la Unió, 3, Palma de Mallorca, Illes Balears, España.
Date: July 2019
Area : 200 m2
Photographer: Antonio Bouzas Barcala                                                             

Colaborators: Clara Alvarez García y Alexander Zikanov

More: Manuel Bouzas & Santiago del AguilaManuel Bouzas on gooood, Santiago del Aguila on gooood

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