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In conjunction with the renewal of Peace Central Park in Yokosuka, we designed a monument that symbolizes peace and that would remind everyone of the idea of peace, which has now almost disappeared. The history of the park is that it was built on the site of the Yonegahama gun emplacements that were used during the war.

▼纪念碑概览,general view ©Nacasa & Partners Inc. | Akira Arai


After dark, this monument becomes a “Light of Peace Turret” that shines the light of peace into the sky, representing the axis of universal peace. The light, which is over 1000 meters long, can be seen from a distance, allowing people to feel the thoughts of peace in their daily lives. The pillar of light that appears in the usual landscape raises the eyes of the viewers and makes them feel positive. Even if the town loses power in the event of a disaster, even if the town loses power, the lights are designed to be turned on by a generator, leading people like a lighthouse to the park that serves as a wide-area evacuation site.

▼纪念碑的光线远处可见,the light is visible from a distance ©Nacasa & Partners Inc. | Akira Arai

▼象征世界和平的光柱,the pillar of light symbolizing world peace ©Nacasa & Partners Inc. | Akira Arai

▼化身“和平光塔”的纪念碑,the monument becoming a “Light of Peace Turret” ©Nacasa & Partners Inc. | Akira Arai

▼纪念碑一隅,a corner of the monument ©Nacasa & Partners Inc. | Akira Arai


The axis of peace has been added to the landscape of Yokosuka, supporting people’s lives as a new landscape. The ceiling and the central column of the monument are decorated with many circles. Circles have long had the meaning of “infinity and eternity,” and with the wish for lasting peace, we asked citizens to draw circles, which were then converted into data and collected. We used the sea breeze blowing from the high ground of the park to create the pattern of the carved circles. The hand-drawn circles were carefully punched one by one with a laser. The cherry blossom crest printed on the bricks of the former turret was captured by a 3D scanner and reproduced as a texture for the concrete foundation.The hope of the people and the memories of the land were engraved on the monument.

▼中央光柱,the central light column ©Nacasa & Partners Inc. | Akira Arai

▼光柱投影,the projection of light column ©Nacasa & Partners Inc. | Akira Arai

▼樱花冠转换过程,transformation of the cherry blossom crest ©HAKUTEN


During the day, the monument is bathed in sunlight, and the light leaking from the circles drawn by the people and the open landscape in front of it provide a place where people can feel peace. At night, it is filled with small circles of light filled with people’s wishes for peace, which harmonize with the grains of light from the houses seen from the hill, and the words of peace from around the world appear. It is our sincere hope that this monument will be loved by people as a reminder of peace.

▼纪念碑日景,the monument in the day ©Nacasa & Partners Inc. | Akira Arai

▼主视图,main view ©Nacasa & Partners Inc. | Akira Arai

▼圆孔细部,details ©Nacasa & Partners Inc. | Akira Arai

▼纪念碑远观,distant view ©Nacasa & Partners Inc. | Akira Arai

▼纪念碑鸟瞰,aerial view ©Nacasa & Partners Inc. | Akira Arai

Project name: THE AXIS OF PEACE
Company name: HAKUTEN

Contact e-mail:
Project location: Japan Yokosuka City
Completion Year: 2021
Building area (m²): 77m²
Other participants: Planning: Panoramatiks
Photo credits: Nacasa & Partners Inc. | Akira Arai

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