The Alborz Collection by studio razavi architecture

Not born from comfort, but only presence and materiality

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The pieces shown here are a selection of recent work using stone and tempered glass. Two works are prototypes in lacquered MDF & glass.

external view of the exhibition space ©Vincent Leroux

chair prototype made of lacquered MDF & glass ©Vincent Leroux

table prototype made of lacquered MDF & glass ©Vincent Leroux


Thousands of new furniture designs are produced every year, more efficient, lighter, using new materials, more comfortable, some are even affordable. The designs exhibited here are none of the above, at times they are not even born out of notions of comfort but presence and materiality only. The craft involved is that of the machines carving the stone and cutting glass, final polishing is by hand.

furniture made of stone and glass ©Vincent Leroux

design born from presence and materiality ©Vincent Leroux

space without decoration and the column ©Vincent Leroux

chair made of stone and glass ©Vincent Leroux


Possibly meant to last (as poetic impressions?) they are a form of elevated domesticity. Ibid. Alborz (البرز) Mountain range in northern Iran, Mount Damavand peaks at 5610 m above sea level.

table ©Vincent Leroux

the supporting stone elements like mountain peaks ©Vincent Leroux

More:Studio Razavi Architecture
更多关于他们:Studio Razavi Architecture on gooood.

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