Textile Museum Tilburg Monument , Netherlands by NEXT architects

Introduce vibrance of natural growth into Monument

Project Specs


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A monument to represent the blossoming and flourishing of the city of Tilburg, a textielgroeimonument’ (textile growth monument), realized at the Textielmuseum Tilburg in 2009 as part of the celebration of the 200h anniversary of the city.

▼装置概览,overview © NEXT architects


▼装置与工业园建筑,monument in industrial complex © NEXT architects

Since the Mommerscomplex that accommodates the textile museum is metaphorically speaking a living monument, would it perhaps be possible to create a growing monument that is literally built up from living matter? The new volume can be read as an addition to the industrial complex: a shape that brings to mind the high factory buildings; a reprise of the building structure of the textile museum.

▼装置立面,外形使人联想到厂房,elevation of the momument, shape that brings factory buildings to mind © NEXT architects


The overgrowth lends to the monument the dynamics of nature. It literally grows, and this ensures that always looks alive. It is not a massive volume but a transparent, open structure.

▼装置中不断生长的生命,growing life in the monument © NEXT architects


▼平台连接装置与庭院,a platform connects the interior space with the courtyard © NEXT architects

A platform connects the interior space with the courtyard. It provides a possible connection to the monument and a starting point in the open space around the complex. It facilitates encounters anoexchanges and in doing so it adopts the part of accelerator in the creative public domain that is currently being developed in Goirkestraat. And so as the volume turns the past into a visible experience in the present, the platform is the first step towards the future.

▼装置细部,detail of the monument © NEXT architects

▼装置位置,location of the monument © NEXT architects

▼平面细节图,detail drawing of plan © NEXT architects

▼立面细节图,detail drawing of elevation © NEXT architects

Project name: Growthmonument Textile Museum Tilburg 
Project title: Growthmonument
Type/Progrom: Public Space Art 
Location: Tilburg
Floor area: 20 sqm
Cost /Value: € 90.00
Status: Completed
Completion: Dec-09
Contact person: NEXT architects 
Team: Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers, Geoffrey Moote, Joost Lemmens

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