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日本设计师Tokujin Yoshioka为著名品牌SWAROVSKI在2013的瑞士钟表和珠宝国际贸易展上设计了这个亮闪闪,仿佛水晶打造的会场。

At BASELWORLD 2013 in Switzerland known as an international trade show of watch and jewellery, the new stand of SWAROVSKI designed by Tokujin Yoshioka was presented.




‘ Wings of Sparkle ‘

SWAROVSKI stand is an immense circular stand that covers more than 2,000 m2 over two levels,  taken up its residence within the fair’s new hall.The stand is entirely surrounded by a 7 meter high curved wall of 155 meters circumference. This is made of 253,231 reflectors with a mirrored surface that symbolize the facets so characteristic of Swarovski, and on these 60 mm reflectors, 22,856 LED lights were positioned on the Sparkle wall.

SWAROVSKI的标示以及品牌内容被Tokujin Yoshioka诗意的传达,人们沐浴在迷人光芒之中。美丽的弧线和变幻的灯光仿佛将游客带入水晶之中,让人切身体验SWAROVSKI品牌对光,对美的追求。


In the stand, its watch and fashion jewelry collections are displayed, and it is a poetic reference to Swarovski’s brand signature concept. Visitors enter the world of Swarovski by being veiled with light of luminance and immerse in a bath of light. This fascinating glow also evokes images of a swan on a lake spreading its wings gracefully.With the great curvature and the dynamic space of lights, the visitors are enveloped in the sparkle and experience the light itself as if entering into the dazzling crystal and expresses Swarovski’s ‘ world of luminance ‘ with its pursuit of beauty.



About the interior of Swarovski stand

To reflect the facade within the stand, there is a crystal wall which would also serve to provide a dividing element from the open stand to the PR/VIP and bar areas. The crystal walls consisting of a total of 34,000 cut crystals used the same geometric, hexagonal shape as per the facade reflector and was  produced by Swarovski, Wattens in Austria.

In the interior the stand is furnished with 40 freestanding showcases designed by Tokujin Yoshioka. His inspiration for the design of the showcase comes from the shape of the crystal structure and realized consistently in the hexagon shape of different heights.





展区的40个展台也为Tokujin Yoshioka所设计,灵感同样来自晶体结构和六边形。




More:  Tokujin Yoshioka,更多关于他:Tokujin Yoshioka on gooood.

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