Sustainable felt – NUANCES by Patricia Urquiola for GAN

Three natural color palettes and patterns form stone like architectural geometries

Project Specs

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研究新材料获得新的纹理和效果,发展新技术推进工艺发展……这就是GAN的定义。Patricia Urquiola设计的新系列NUANCES,以她特有的专业技能捕捉到了品牌的精髓。感觉是设计的起点。Patricia Urquiola希望利用但加以改造温暖且具有延展性的自然材料,改变原有的制作方式,寻找一种新的技术重新回收利用废弃的纤维。因此,她将不同颜色和密度的羊毛融合在一起,形成一种前所未有的石材纹理的外观,大胆而新颖。

Investigating new materials to achieve new textures and effects, developing new techniques to make crafts evolve… that’s what defi nes GAN. And with NUANCES, the new collection by Patricia Urquiola, the designer captures, with the expertise that characterizes her, the essence of the brand.Felt was the starting point. Patricia Urquiola wanted to work with this natural material, warm and malleable, but also to reinvent it, change the traditional manufacturing parameters and find a technique that would allow her to recycle discarded fibers. So she merged different colors and densities of wool to achieve a stone-like appearance, never seen before, very transgressive.

▼NUANCES系列包括地毯与矮圆凳,NUANCES includes rugs and poufs


Once the material was adapted, she played with its shapes and tonalities, as only she knows how to. The collection consists of three rugs with different patterns (Curve, Line and Round) and a pouf, which can be combined among themselves, allowing for an infinite set of very architectural geometries.

▼地毯与矮圆凳组成具有建筑感的几何形态,rugs and poufs can be combined into an infinite set of very architectural geometries


It is declined in three color combinations which, starting from stone gray, take us to three natural color palettes: rose and burgundy (Burgundy), green and blue (Naiad) and earth and lava (Volcano).

▼三种色调及三种图案的地毯,rug with three colors and patterns




The rugs are 200×300 cm or 6’7”x9’10” (Curve and Line designs) and 250×300 cm or 8’3”x9’10” (Round model). The pouf’s dimensions are 100x56x43h cm or 40”x22”x17”h.




NUANCES正如它的名字所示,线条时开时合,色彩相互融合并关注于视觉和触觉的游戏,将Patricia Urquiola为GAN设计的新系列塑造成一个有意为之的感官与艺术体验。NUANCES每一件产品都完全由技艺精巧的工匠手工缝制而成,延续了Urquiola为GAN设计的一贯特色。

NUANCES, flows just like its name indicates. Its lines open and close, its colors blur and focus on a visual and tactile game that turns Patricia Urquiola’s new collection for GAN into an intentionally sensorial and artistic experience.Each piece of NUANCES is entirely sewn by hand by skilled artisans, as is always the case with Urquiola designs for GAN.


Brand: GAN

Collection: NUANCES

Designer: Patricia Urquiola

Year: 2019

Manufacturing technique: Felt + Embroidery

Fibre composition: Felt base (80% wool + 20% viscose) and viscose embroidery

Pouf lling: Foam rubber with wood base

Dimensions: Curve and Line: 200×300 cm / 6’7”x9’10”
Round: 250×300 cm / 8’3”x9’10”
Pouf: 100x56x43h cm / 40”x22”x17”h
Colours: Burgundy, Naiad and Volcano 

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