Sunken design studio by dekleva gregorič architects

Tiny working space with endless variety of configurations

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To an industrial designer’s intent of living and working together, we replied with a design studio experiment – a hidden underground addition in the unused backyard of a typical row house.

▼项目外观,external view of the project ©Flavio Coddou

项目位于Škofja Loka郊区一片70年代的住宅区中,良好保留了中世纪城镇的风貌,工作室的绿色屋顶正对公共步道,使原本位于住宅北侧的后院地面微微抬起。建筑师切掉了一部分屋顶,形成通往荫蔽中庭和工作室的入口坡道。中庭作为室外前厅,为工作室带来唯一的自然光源。

▼分解轴测图,exploded axonometric ©dekleva gregorič architects

Situated in a ‘70s suburban housing area of the well-preserved medieval town of Škofja Loka, the studio’s green roof is a mere incline in the former north-side backyard, located right next to the public walkway. On one side, a segment of it is cut out to make room for an entry ramp leading to a secluded atrium and further on to the studio. The atrium is conceived as an outdoor foyer, providing the studio’s only light source.

▼顶视图,绿色屋顶与道路相连,top view, green roof connected with the path ©Flavio Coddou

▼入口坡道,entry ramp ©Flavio Coddou

▼中庭,atrium ©Flavio Coddou

▼中庭地面与工作台面平齐,atrium’s ground extends to level with the work desk surface ©Flavio Coddou

为了强调室内外连接的整体性,中庭地面延伸到工作室内部,并与工作台面整合在一起。设计师设计了一套带滚轮的柜子模块,让工作室在提供工作空间之外,还可以偶尔用来举办展览。这些可动的家具平时都被叠放在工作室后墙边,在需要的时候可以将这个小小的空间转变成不同的样貌,供不同场景使用。毛毡墙面保证了隔音,粗糙的混凝土结构墙则与精确设计的定制不锈钢门窗形成对比。项目的执行过程精确而缓慢,从第一张草图到分毫不差的施工,总共花费了15年时间,成为了Studio Miklavc自己建造的作品的一部分。

To emphasise the totality of the inside-outside connection, the atrium’s ground extends inside the studio to level with the integrated work desk surface. A system of wheeled cupboard modules was developed so that the studio, which functions primarily as a working space, can occasionally also serve as a showroom. The mobile furniture is usually stacked against the back wall of the studio, but allows for an endless variety of configurations which transform the tiny space for numerous scenarios. Felt clad side walls ensure proper acoustics, while the rough concrete structural walls juxtapose the industrial design precision of the custom made stainless steel door and window frames. Tiny, precise and slow in implementation, it took 15 years from the first sketch to the meticulous execution, carried out in part as a self-built project of Studio Miklavc.

▼工作室室内空间,interior space of the studio ©Flavio Coddou

▼可动的柜子叠放于后墙处,movable cupboards stacked against the back wall of the studio ©Flavio Coddou

▼可动家具满足不同使用需求,movable cupboard allows for variety of configurations ©Flavio Coddou

▼中庭和工作台面细部,details of the atrium and the work desk surface ©Flavio Coddou

▼总平面图,site plan ©dekleva gregorič architects

▼地下一层平面图,basement floor plan ©dekleva gregorič architects

▼一层平面图,ground floor plan ©dekleva gregorič architects

▼剖面图,section ©dekleva gregorič architects

project name: Sunken design studio
location: Škofja Loka, Slovenija
architects: dekleva gregorič architects
project year: 2003-2018
client: Studio Miklavc,
project team: Aljoša Dekleva u.d.i.a., M.Arch. (AA Dist); Tina Gregorič u.d.i.a., M.Arch. (AA Dist); Lea Kovič u.d.i.a.,
net floor area: 48 m2
photography: Flavio Coddou
video: by ITEMS

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