Summer stage at Kastav – Crekvina by architect Nenad Fabijanić

The view terrace built on the archaeological remains

Project Specs


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本项目是对位于克罗地亚的Crekvina – Kastav遗址基地的内外空间的重新设计,其设计的依据和灵感来源于巴洛克耶稣会圣母玛利亚教堂的历史遗迹,也就是一些断壁残垣和未彻底完工的教堂半圆拱等。不同的文献资料对其建造时间有着不同的记载, 时间跨度从18世纪初期一直到18世纪末期,因而我们无从得知Crekvina – Kastav遗址的确切建造时间;本项目则建在原先已经被拆除了的一座较小的圣玛利亚教堂的遗址上。

The rebuild design of the internal and external areas at the site Crekvina – Kastav is based on and inspired by archaeological remains of the baroque Jesuit Church of Holy Mary i.e. fragments of the wall and apsis of the never fully built and completed church. Its exact construction date has never been known and according to different sources it varies from the beginning to the end of the 18th century; it was built at the site of the previously demolished, considerably smaller Church of Holy Mary.

▼项目外观,the exterior view

如今的Crekvina处于一个高原地带,其东侧边界设有一座停车场和一个观景楼,同时还保留着圣殿以及带有五个小礼拜堂的教堂中殿的西墙的遗骸。本项目旨在设计一个多功能的空间:夏季时,可以作为一个舞台,举办Kastav文化夏日活动季(Kastav Culture Summer)的相关活动,而在其他时间,则作为一个可以自由出入的广场和观景平台。令人印象深刻的建筑遗迹形成了一个空间性的“外壳”、一个建筑艺术的理想舞台,在各类公共文化活动中为人们提供着独特的空间体验。

Today Crekvina is a plateau with a parking lot and a belvedere along its eastern boundary, with the remains of the sanctuary and the western wall of the nave with five chapels. In accordance with the brief, the design is conceived as bi-functional: in summer as a stage for the events of the Kastav Culture Summer and the rest of the time as a freely accessible square and a belvedere. The impressive construction remains form a spatial “shell”, an ideal stage for architectural artifacts, enable a unique spatial experience during the organization of public and cultural events.

▼项目外观,建在教堂的历史遗址上,the exterior view, the stage is built on the archaeological remains of the church


The newly designed structure in a contrasting shape and material is in all its elements detached from the original layers of walls and foundations.

▼项目外观局部,舞台的材料和形式与教堂遗址形成了鲜明的对比,partial exterior view, the material and the form of the stage contrasts with the archaeological remains of the church


This is a terrace, whose layout is defined by the typological pattern of the envisaged church and belvedere that enable the attraction of a view against a wide horizon. This project is aimed at proving the possibility of achieving a higher level in both functional and aesthetic sense.

▼舞台入口,the entrance of the stage

▼室外局部,partial exterior view

▼舞台楼梯,the stairs


The points of departure are determined by the fact of the existing archaeological remains whose structure is preserved at the level of the original excavations and disburdened of additional hypothetic simulations of the “old” church (portals, openings, vestries, garages and the like).

▼舞台室内,interior view of the stage

Project name: Summer stage at Kastav – Crekvina
Company name: architect Nenad Fabijanić
Project location: Kastav, Croatia
Completion Year: 2018.
Lead Architects: Nenad Fabijanić
Design Team: Željko Pavlović
Photo credits: Miro Martinić

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