Stuttgart Airport Bus Terminal with Parking Garage P14 By wulf architekten

The new building has been designed to be not only economical, but also technically and visually appealing.

Project Specs


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Parking garage P14 is located directly adjacent to the Stuttgart Airport flight terminals. The new building comprises the ground-level Stuttgart Airport Bus Terminal (SAB) – a facility with 18 bus platforms – and above that, 6 car parking levels connected by a double-helix ramp. The parking levels offer a total of 1,560 parking spaces, including 3.5-meter-wide XL parking spaces on the first parking level, which allow drivers to park their cars with greater ease and to enter and leave them with greater comfort.

▼停车场外貌,view of the parking garage


The building dimensions result from the functional requirements for parking and for bus traffic, as the SAB serves not only local and regional transport but also many intercity bus lines. As a landmark from afar and due to its immediate proximity to the airport terminals and the state trade fair (Messe Stuttgart), the parking garage’s exterior has special significance. So the new building has been designed to be not only economical, but also technically and visually appealing.

▼夜景中的建筑,garage in the dark


The parking garage’s high architectural standards are plainly evident in its eye-catching facade of anodized and perforated sheet metal panel, which sculpturally surrounds the new building’s rugged steel composite and reinforced concrete construction like a metallic skin: the diagonally textured metal facade, which shimmers in shades of gold and brown, has a sensuous and striking impact that does justice to the distinctiveness of the building and the site.

▼独特的外表皮,the skin


▼表皮在阳光下泛出金色和褐色的光,the skin shimmers in shades of gold and brown


On the southern side of the uniformly designed metal facade, three concrete stair towers project forward, sculpturally articulating the 210-meter-long building. A footbridge connects the first parking level directly to Terminal 3, enabling users of the parking garage to reach the airport flight terminals without crossing the pedestrian and vehicular flows of the bus terminal.

▼混凝土楼梯间,the concrete stair tower

▼螺旋上升坡道,double-helix ramp

▼公交枢纽站,bus terminal platform

▼底层平面图,ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,first floor plan

start of planning: July 2013
date of completion: September 2015(p14)/May 2016(SAB)
building costs: approx. 28,0 Mio. Euro
GFA total: 58.159m2
GBV total: 207.187m2
location: Flughafenstrasse 610,70629 Stuttgart, Germany
Client: FSG(Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH)
Landeshauptstadt stuttgart
Marktplatz 1,70173 Stuttgart, Germany
architect: Wulf Architekten
project team: Kai Bierich, Regina Brenner, Birgit Wohlfart
construction management: Jo Carle Architekten
project manager: HWP Planungsgesellschaft
structural engineer: Mayr Ludescher Partner,Beratende Ingenieure
HVAC and Electrical Planning: Turm & Dinges Planungsgesellschaft
Photographer: © Markus Guhl for wulf architekten

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