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Riverside park for students only

Project Specs


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在鲁汶大学进行校园建筑翻新改造的过程中,沃特河的部分河面覆盖物发生了塌陷。在那之前,沃特河被建造于它之上的花园和建筑所遮蔽。Ontwerpbureau Pauwels团队被委任来检查建筑损害的程度、估算修复的可能性、并为覆盖在河面之上的树木寻找最佳解决方案。事实上,树根就是问题的根源所在:它们不断向下伸展寻找水源,导致覆盖物的混凝土层开裂,这样经年累月直至建筑物完全坍塌。

▼项目总览,project overview

During the converting of a number of buildings owned by the University of Louvain (KULeuven), part of the covering of the river Vunt collapsed. Until then, the Vunt was a hidden river flowing under the garden and the buildings. Ontwerpbureau Pauwels was called upon to examine the possible restoration of the damage and a solution for the trees standing right above the covered river. In fact, their roots were at the origin of the problem : searching for water, they caused the concrete of the covering to crack and, eventually, after years to completely collapse.

▼河床区域景观鸟瞰,aerial view of the riverbed area


▼预制的混凝土板从岸边逐级向河中下降,颜色也由浅变深,precast concrete slabs descend from the shore step by step into the river, and the color changes from light to dark

▼河床被顺着整个地势打开,两岸以石墙围护,the riverbed was opened up over the entire length of the terrain and finished with masonry walls

Rather than restoring the collapsed covering, the landscape architects proposed a thorough transformation: “unveil” the hidden water and go for a concept with a strong water related experience. KULeuven, the owners of the terrain and VMM, the administrator of the river, were excited and fully supported this approach. The riverbed was opened up over the entire length of the terrain and finished with masonry walls. In the garden area, the quay walls “fold open” and the riverbed is formed by playful positioned, descending terrace plateaus in prefab concrete slabs. As a result, the students can enjoy an attractive, sun-oriented, recessed relaxation area along the water. Stepping stones offer the opportunity to cross the river “through” the water. The color of the concrete slabs gradually darkens in the descend. The seating area is bordered on three sides by quay walls.

▼铺路石提供了“穿过”河水的机会,stepping stones offer the opportunity to cross the river “through” the water

▼跨河铺路石细部,details of the stepping stone


▼河流之上,一座有扶手的混凝土桥横跨沃特河,a concrete bridge with handrail, situated against the building, crosses the Vunt

A concrete bridge with handrail, situated against the building, crosses the Vunt and leads cyclists to three covered bike stands with vegetative roofs.The garden is conceived as an open courtyard with a variety of predominantly multi-stemmed- trees, with different leaf color and flowering times. Hanging plants adorn the quay walls. Shallow wadis in the grassy plateaus serve as water storage and infiltration on site of the rainwater.

▼学生宿舍前有带顶棚的自行车停靠站,there is a covered bicycle stop in front of the student dormitory

▼自行车停靠站经过水泥地与花园相连,the bicycle stop is connected to the garden by a concrete floor

▼学生们在河滨平台上放松交谈,the students relaxed and talked on the riverside terrace

▼学生们沿河而坐,享受阳光,the students sat along the river, enjoying the sunshine

▼演示平面图,presentation plan



Architecture Firm: Ontwerpbureau Pauwels
Contact e-mail:
Firm Location: Leuven, Belgium
Completion Year: 2016
Gross Built Area: 25,43a
Project location: Sint Maartenstraat 55, 3000 Leuven, Belgium

Lead Architects: Michel Pauwels
Lead Architects e-mail:
Photo credits: Studio Chloki
Photographer’s website:
Photographer’s e-mail: hello@

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