Strange Vase by Pia WuStenberg

Move the moss in the comfortable living city to the vase.

Project Specs


非常感谢设计方Pia Wustenburg将项目介绍和项目图片授权gooood发行。更多请至:Pia Wustenburg on gooood 
Appreciation towards Pia Wustenburg for providing the following description:

在花瓶上设置凹槽,种植青苔。其灵感来源于作者所观察到的城市环境。存在于舒适人居城市中青苔一直是Pia WuStenberg所迷恋和着重研究的。以前还报道过Pia WuStenberg的青苔地毯



The ‘Strange’ Vase is inspired by the Urban environment.

A fascination for the luminous green moss growing on some of the most inhabitable areas of thecity has been a focus of my research in the past year. Material: Concrete reinforced with paper, MossHeight: ca. 30 cmThe shape of the vase is traditional when viewed from the front, but morphs oddly when theperspective changes.The moss sits in the narrow grooves running down from the top.



MossStory is an ongoing research project.

I am fascinated by the resilience and beauty of this family of plants that manages to infiltrate anyinhabitable ground- whether urban or rural. My work has been in documenting places of moss growth and collecting samples.The goal of this project is to understand the needs of the plant well enough in order for me tobegin using it as a material on objects (see for example GardenRug).The research has led me to meet with some leading British Bryologists and enjoy the ancientarchives of the National History Museum, London, where apparently some of these centuries oldsamples could still be retrieved to life!


MORE: Pia Wustenburg,更多请至:Pia Wustenburg on gooood 

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