Stranden Waterfront Walkway by LINK

Wider waterfront promenade, more social activities, better space of life.

Project Specs


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作为挪威奥斯陆市“Aker Brygge”地区的开发商,NPRO希望通过重建城市的室外空间,实现商业转型,并且引入新的办公,使整个区域重获生机。“Stranden”是这个项目的第一步,它是一条长达12公里的滨海公共步道,连通城市东西,将帮助振兴奥斯陆的后工业化海滨。

‘Stranden’ is the first of a multi-stage redevelopment of the precinct known as ‘Aker Brygge’ in Oslo, Norway. It is part of a greater effort to reinvigorate Oslo’s post-industrial waterfront by creating a 12km long publically accessible waterfront promenade, connecting the city’s east and west. The precinct’s developer, Norwegian Property (NPRO), aims to reinvigorate Aker Brygge by refurbishing the urban outdoor spaces, transforming the area’s retail concept, and introducing new office space.

▼步道全景,连通城市东西,overall view of Stranden which connects the city from east to west

005-Stranden_LINK Landskap

004-Stranden_LINK Landskap

Aker Brygge区域诞生于1985年的一场设计竞赛,Telje-Torp-Aasen建筑事务所在这场竞赛中取得优胜,13.3 Landskapsarkitekter,即后来的LINK Landskap,负责其室外景观的设计。30年后的今天,LINK Landskap重返Aker Brygge,再次肩负起景观设计的重任,他们的设计以简洁持久闻名,致力于用景观手法创造“生活的场所”。在这个项目中,设计师要通过更新室外景观,让这片复杂而又热闹的城市区域更富活力。

Aker Brygge is the outcome of a design competition held in 1985, and won by Telje-Torp-Aasen Architects. LINK Landskap, then known as 13.3 Landskapsarkitekter, designed the urban outdoor areas. Now, nearly 30 years on, LINK Landskap has been given the unique opportunity to revisit Aker Brygge, to adapt and renew this complex and popular urban precinct. LINK Landskap is the project Landscape Architect for all urban outdoor areas at Aker Brygge. Their projects are well known for their simplicity and timelessness. The firm believes in the craft of landscape architecture and aims to make “spaces for life”.

▼从步道可以欣赏峡湾美景,enjoy the view of the fjord from the promenade

001-Stranden_LINK Landskap

2014年5月,“Stranden”滨海步道正式开放,与之同时完工的还有一个新的游艇码头,项目的其他部分,包括“Bryggetorget”城市广场,以及连接城市和海滨区域的不同街道景观,将陆续于2015年和2016年建成。Aker Brygge地区既有住宅和商业,又有文化设施,是奥斯陆市最活跃的城市区域之一。这里也是旅游的热门景点,每年会接待约1200万名游客。新建成的“Stranden”滨海步道吸引了许多游客,成为了奥斯陆市社交活动的新中心,再次振兴了这片区域。

The waterfront promenade, ‘Stranden’, was officially opened, together with a new marina, in May, 2014. The remaining phases will be completed in 2015/16. These include ‘Bryggetorget’, the precinct’s main square, and various streetscapes which connect the area to both the waterfront and the city fabric beyond. Aker Brygge is one of Oslo’s most vibrant urban areas, with its eclectic mix of apartments, shopping, culture and restaurants. The area is much loved by residents and tourists alike, and is visited by around 12 million people each year. The refurbished waterfront promenade, ‘Stranden’, has reinvigorated the area, breathing new life and interest into an important centre for social interaction and activity in Oslo.

▼充满活力的步道,vibrant promenade

003-Stranden_LINK Landskap


The landscape refurbishment increases visual and physical contact with Oslo’s magnificent fjord, while also encouraging social interaction and diversity along the waterfront promenade. One of the project’s main challenges has been to reconfigure and simplify Stranden’s cross-section; reorganising and consolidating the promenade in order to create a wider, more generous publically accessible waterfront. This creates more space for promenading, ‘staying’ and increases flexibility for other spontaneous and un-planned activities. The result is a more dynamic experience of the fjord landscape and more “space for life”.

▼宽敞而开放的步道空间,人们可以在上面停留,open and spacious promenade, which make it possible for people to stay

009-Stranden_LINK Landskap

012-Stranden_LINK Landskap

▼不同的铺地区分功能区域,使步道空间更为有趣,various pavings differentiate function areas, making the space more interesting

007-Stranden_LINK Landskap

016-Stranden_LINK Landskap

008-Stranden_LINK Landskap

LINK Landskap在项目中提出了街道家具概念,人们可以在上面休息停留,从而产生了更多交流的机会,促进了社会活动的发生。挪威街道家具生产公司Vestre,家具设计师Lars Tornøe 和Alte Tviet共同帮助设计师将这一概念付诸实践,创造了一系列可供不同活动使用的多功能街道家具。橙色来自于奥斯陆的海上历史,是项目的标志性颜色,在这片后工业化海滨区域随处可见。

LINK Landskap developed a site-specific concept for street furniture and ‘staying’ that cultivates and celebrates the role of social interaction in the public realm. The concept for street furniture was developed in cooperation with Vestre – a Norwegian company specialising in street furniture design and manufacture – and furniture designers Lars Tornøe and Alte Tviet. The concept is based on diversity of activity and flexibility of use. The project’s signature colour is inspired by ‘Signal Orange’; a remnant of Oslo’s maritime history, and often found scattered along its (post-) industrial waterfront.

▼人们可以自由地在不同的街道家具上休息,people could freely use various street furnitures

018-Stranden_LINK Landskap

021-Stranden_LINK Landskap     022-Stranden_LINK Landskap

019-Stranden_LINK Landskap     020-Stranden_LINK Landskap


Now, more than ever before, is it possible to sit, lie, eat, read, chat, or stroll quietly while taking in the magnificent fjord landscape, without having to be a patron of one of the area’s many restaurants or bars.

▼在步道上享受生活,enjoy life on the promenade

017-Stranden_LINK Landskap

▼夜晚的步道也生机勃勃,the promenade is also vibrant at night

002-Stranden_LINK Landskap

013-Stranden_LINK Landskap

▼铺地概念,concept of paving

130423_Presentasjon-beleggsprinsipper og steinprøver.indd

▼广场铺地图,paving of the square


▼步道铺地图,paving of the walkway

Y:LL61223 Aker Brygge 20128_PlandataTegningARBEIDSTEGNINGE

▼铺地详图,paving details

028-Stranden_LINK Landskap   029-Stranden_LINK Landskap

030-Stranden_LINK Landskap     031-Stranden_LINK Landskap

Acquisition: Tender process
Client: Norwegian Property (NPRO)
Gross: Area: 10 000 m2
Status: Phase 1 completed 2014 / Phase 2 to be completed in 2015-16.
Cooperation: Vestre (furniture) and ECT (lighting)
Contact person: Anne Pia Møllenhus, Director LINK Landskap / Tel: +47 480 56 626 /

Design team
Project manager: Ivar Nielsen
Landscape architects: Ashley Conn, Eivind Saxhaug, Paul Patrick Donnelly, Ole Rydningen and Jens Lampe Rongstad

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