Stodola 21 Renovation, Czech by DOMYJINAK Architects

to revitalize the fragment of the former barn in village

Project Specs


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The idea of our design is to revitalize the fragment of the former barn, which is situated in the southern area of the village. Its new main function is to serve as a technical background of a small village, acting as a “modern barn”. Old stone walls of the barn were rebuilt in the original height. New subtle steel structure supports a lightweight hovering roof.

▼项目概览,overview ©Jaroslav Kvíz

▼入口广场,the entrance plaza ©Jaroslav Kvíz


The barn is merged with its natural surroundings. A box with sanitary facilities and office is inserted inside, rest of the space is used as a parking place for machinery. A service yard is connected to the municipal road through the building. The original stonework with brick vaults and black steel is used as the main material for the building. The sliding entrance gate is designed as a contrasting wooden structure. The office box is cladded with expanded metal. Pedestrian and roads surfaces are paved with grey concrete pavers.

▼建筑立面,view of the facade ©Jaroslav Kvíz

▼建筑入口,the entrance ©Jaroslav Kvíz


The walls of the barn are consisted of stonework and brickwork. New vaults above the entrances are made from bricks. The roof is designed as a steel self-supporting structure, consisting of columns, beams and bracing. The edge of the roof is approximately at a height of 5 m and laps over the wall for about 1 m, which is protecting the hall from weather conditions. The pair of entrance gates is designed as manually sliding double-leaf.

▼入口拱顶由砖块砌筑,vaults above the entrances made from bricks ©Jaroslav Kvíz

▼可滑动对开大门,entrance gates designed as manually sliding double-leaf ©Jaroslav Kvíz


Inside the building, there is a small brick building of the operator with a size of about 10 x 4 m, height about 3.5 m, cladded with expanded metal. Hall except the operator’s facilities is open and ventilated. The facility building is insulated and tempered. The building is connected to the technical infrastructure from the adjacent road.

▼金属表皮覆盖的管理小屋,a small brick building cladded with expanded metal ©Jaroslav Kvíz

▼场地区位,location ©DOMYJINAK Architects

▼平面图,plan ©DOMYJINAK Architects

▼立面图,elevations ©DOMYJINAK Architects

▼剖面图,sections ©DOMYJINAK Architects

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