STICKS & STONES by Anna & Eugeni Bach

Phenomenon and essence.

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San Gregorio的地窖里有一件有趣的艺术品,乍一看,它似乎是一堵木墙,挡住了人们的去路,占据了整个筒拱空间。

An intriguing artifact can be found in the San Gregorio Cellar. At first sight it appears to be a wooden wall that blocks one’s path and occupies the entirety of the barrel-vaulted space.

▼项目概览,overview © Eugeni Bach, Javier Antón


Clearly, it is an external element; the fact that it is made as a plywood scaffolding reveals that it is somewhat unstable, and probably, temporary. It appears light and removable, both due to its shape and the materials of its construction, while on the other hand it presents the same shape as the space it occupies, which is in contrast stonelike, heavy and stable.

▼轻质胶合板与石墙产生对比,light plywood contrast with stone wall © Eugeni Bach, Javier Antón

▼细节,details © Eugeni Bach, Javier Antón


Up close, it is discovered that the wooden wall allows a passage through, as it moves to one side to allow for a crossing to the other. Therein lies a curtain to be drawn in order to enter, and all of a sudden, a complete change of space…the ashlars, the stone and the vault… the cellar becomes something else entirely; a light, festive, ephemeral and tectonic space. Once can traverse this new space and upon exit confirm that the cellar remains as it was, immutable and stonelike, though the mind retains the altered space just crossed.

▼木墙旁有通道可以穿到另一边,wooden wall allowing a passage through © Eugeni Bach, Javier Antón

▼拉开帷幕,空间对比,open the curtain, space comparison © Eugeni Bach, Javier Antón

▼装置内部,明亮的、欢快的、瞬息万变的构造性空间,interior of the installation,a light, festive, ephemeral and tectonic space © Eugeni Bach, Javier Antón

▼细节,details © Eugeni Bach, Javier Antón


After the experience, both spaces, stone and textile, heavy and light, vaulted and catenary, severe and festive, stereotomic and tectonic, overlap and allow for an understanding of the cellar that reflects both its reason for being and its opposite.As stated in Lewis Mumford’s famous book on the history of American architecture, once a space is apprehended in its essence, everything can be summed up by what it contains: “sticks and stones”.

▼平面与剖面,plan and section © Anna & Eugeni Bach

▼装置内外,interior and exterior of the installation © Anna & Eugeni Bach

Architects: Anna & Eugeni Bach
Collaborators: Mariana Vala (A&EB)
Completion date: 2020
Client: Concéntrico / Festival Internacional de Arquitectura y Diseño de Logroño. Comisariado por / Curated by Javier Peña.
Constructor: PROSMA /
Material: GARNICA /
Address: Calado de San Gregorio, Logroño, España.
Photographs: Eugeni Bach, Javier Antón.

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