“STEVEN HOLL: MAKING ARCHITECTURE” Exhibition Opened in Seoul, Korea

Reveal Steven Holl’s intricate and distinctive process of making architecture through nine recent projects.

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The exhibition Steven Holl: Making Architecture opened in Seoul, Korea in Fall 2018, opening at Soongsil University Gallery in Seoul, Korea in October, and presented at the Seoul City Museum from November through January.
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Exhibition Title: Steven Holl: Making Architecture
Exhibition Time & Location: 2018.10.1~2018.10.28, Soongsil University, Seoul, Korea
2018.11.9~2019.1, Seoul City Museum



《斯蒂文·霍尔:建筑创作》展览于10月1日在韩国首尔崇实大学(Soongsil University)开幕,当天霍尔带来了一场精彩的讲座。

Steven Holl: Making Architecture was launched on 1st, October in Soongsil University, Seoul, Korea. Holl provided a lecture during the opening event.

▼Steven Holl发表演讲,Steven Holl making a lecture


“作为当代最受尊敬和欢迎的建筑大师之一,《斯蒂文·霍尔:建筑创作》对其作品进行了概述,通过抵制企业化,霍尔成功地保持了其作品的完整性与质量。” ——Blouin Artinfo

“Steven Holl: Making Architecture examines the works of one of the most renowned and in demand architects of his times who has managed to preserve the integrity and quality of his work by resisting corporatization.” — Blouin Artinfo


该展览由Nina Stritzler-Levine策划,通过最近九个项目约100件展品,《斯蒂文·霍尔:建筑创作》意在呈现霍尔复杂而独特的建筑创作过程,其中包括宾夕法尼亚州的富兰克林与马歇尔大学(Franklin and Marshall College)艺术大楼、华盛顿D.C.的肯尼迪表演艺术中心扩建工程、休斯顿艺术博物馆以及伦敦玛吉中心。

Curated by Nina Stritzler-Levine, Steven Holl: Making Architecture reveals Holl’s intricate and distinctive process of making architecture through approximately one hundred objects created for nine recent projects, among them the Arts Building at Franklin and Marshall College, Pennsylvania; The Kennedy Center Expansion, Washington D.C.; the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; and Maggie’s Cancer Care Center in London.

▼展览一览,overall view of the exhibition


“尽管‘为艺术而艺术’是一个常见术语,但‘为建筑而建筑’却不是——建筑师很少有机会可以将抽象思维变成带有他自身特点的完整建筑。即便现今都是压倒性地重大委托案子,‘斯蒂文·霍尔:建筑创作’使我们可以洞察到实验项目和委托项目这两种不同的手法。” ——Claire Lambe, Roll Magazine

“While “Art for Art’s sake” is a familiar term, “Architecture for Architecture’s sake” is not – it is rare that an architect has the opportunity to take an abstract thought through to a completed structure for its own sake. “Steven Holl: Making Architecture,” while overwhelmingly about grand commissions, gives us an insight into these two
approaches, the experimental project and the commissioned project.” — Claire Lambe, Roll Magazine


《斯蒂文·霍尔:建筑创作》由三个部分组成——思考、建造与反思。“思考”阐述水彩、小的探索性模型和材料碎片是如何引发想法的产生并构成每个项目的基础。“建造”通过模型、雕塑以及真实的施工照片,揭示了建筑创作的过程。“反思” 则借由一系列的数字电影、霍尔的手稿以及有关他的文章来呈现创作者的思想。《斯蒂文·霍尔:建筑创作》由Steven Holl Architects 以及Steven Myron Holl 基金会制作,由纽约州立大学Samuel Dorsky 艺术博物馆承办,首展于今年初的二月至七月举办。

Steven Holl: Making Architecture is organized in three sections — Thinking, Building, and Reflecting. “Thinking” captures how watercolor drawings, small exploratory models and material fragments lead to idea generation and form the foundation of each project. “Building” reveals the process of making architecture through models, sculpture, and in photographs taken during the actual construction process. “Reflecting” presents Holl’s ideas through a selection of digital films, his writings, and writings about him.

▼“思考”,水彩、小的模型和材料碎片引发想法,“Thinking”, watercolor drawings, small exploratory models and material fragments lead to architectural idea

▼“建造”,通过模型和雕塑揭示建筑创作过程,“Building”, revealing the process of making architecture through models and scuptures


“这次展览的标题‘建筑创作’,贴切地反映了霍尔在设计个人住房和重大城市项目上的商业方法。他不仅是一个建筑师,同时也是一个艺术家。” ——艺术家Michael Brod

“The title of this exhibition, Making Architecture, aptly reflects Holl’s approach to the business of designing private houses and major urban projects. He is as much an artist as an architect.” — artist Michael Brod


▼展览中的部分模型,part of the models in the exhibition

▼Steven Holl在展览中讲解作品,Steven Holl visited the exhibition and explained his works to the visitors

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