STC Wharf Renewal Project by Hassell

An entirely new, world class facility upgraded from an 100-year-old timber shipping wharf at Walsh Bay

Project Specs


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2021年2月,悉尼剧院公司正式重新开放了其位于The Wharf的剧院场馆,这也是其自2018年来,首次以翻新后的面貌向观众开放。

In February 2021, Sydney Theatre Company officially reopened its premises at The Wharf, welcoming audiences for the first time since 2018 to its newly renovated home on Sydney Harbour.

▼从码头望向建筑,The Wharf from the pier © Brett Boardman


The 100-year-old timber shipping wharf at Walsh Bay – which was first transformed from a wool store to an award-winning theatre-making space in the 1980s – has been upgraded once again to improve facilities and access and to modernise the theatre spaces. The result is an entirely new, world class facility that houses the entire theatre-making process under one roof and provides vastly improved experiences for artists, workers and audiences, while preserving the magnificent heritage details that give the venue its unique character.

▼海港视野,Walsh Bay view © Brett Boardman

▼The Wharf内部空间概览,The Wharf internal view © Brett Boardman


Better theatres and rehearsal spaces

悉尼剧院公司Wharf场馆重建项目更新并升级了两座剧院(Wharf 1和Wharf 2)的内外空间,并提供灵活的座位配置。设计以响应独特的戏剧愿景为出发点,意在为艺术家提供更多表达的空间,同时为观众带来更好的戏剧体验和更高的舒适度。

STC’s Wharf Renewal Project delivers modernised Wharf 1 and Wharf 2 Theatres with flexible seating configurations. These spaces are designed to be responsive to distinctive theatrical visions, offering artists more scope of expression and providing audiences with a greater range of theatre experiences and a higher level of amenity.

▼通向Wharf 1剧院的楼梯,Stairs to Wharf 1 Theatre © Brett Boardman

▼剧场外长廊,The long walk © Brett Boardman


In addition to incorporating flexible seating to enable different configurations of playing space, a unique new space was created by locating to the two theatres side by side and separated by a removable wall.  This design idea has been made possible by the inclusion of two Skyfold doors which create the walls that separate the two theatre spaces. The Skyfold doors are an acoustic partition which disappear into the ceiling. Throughout the development and design of the project, a focus was also retained on improving accessibility, safety, acoustics and operational efficiency all the while preserving and enhancing the heritage characteristics of the site.

▼走廊和标识,corridor with sign screen © Brett Boardman

▼长廊日景,the long walk in the daytime © Brett Boardman

▼天花细节,The ceiling of the long walk © Brett Boardman

在两座剧院中,1号码头(Wharf 1)的规模较大,如今可以根据配置需要容纳350-420人(改造前为320人)。1号码头剧院共有3种主要的座位布局模式,分别为尽端式(End On)、角落式(Corner)和圆形式(In the Round),随着德国Hoac公司提供的灵活平台、以及由比利时Jezet公司为剧院量身打造的座位系统在未来的引入,剧场座位的功能性将得到无限的扩展和提高。其中,角落式的布局沿用了1号码头原来的设计,但在改善视线和增加舞台面积方面均有所增益。

The larger of the two theatres – Wharf 1 – can now seat anywhere between 350 and 420 depending on the configuration. The theatre previously had a seating capacity of 320. There are three main seating configurations in the Wharf 1 Theatre – End On, Corner and In the Round – although endless opportunities exist to expand on these capabilities in the future with the flexible decking (provided by German company Hoac) and seating system custom-designed for STC by Belgian company Jezet. The Corner configuration replicates the old Wharf 1 design but with improved sightlines and a larger stage area.

▼Wharf 1剧场内部,Wharf 1 Theatre interior view © Brett Boardman

▼舞台设备细节,stage equipment details © Brett Boardman


The smaller Wharf 2 Theatre (160 capacity) now has retractable seating so the space can be converted to a rehearsal or multipurpose room in under an hour. The rehearsal spaces have been vastly improved with better acoustics and larger floorspace, as well as the addition of music/vocal coaching rooms and a recording studio. Wharf 1 now has six dressing rooms, as well as dedicated toilet, shower and laundry facilities. There is a separate wig room and a private green room. Wharf 2 now has three dressing rooms, dedicated toilet & shower plus laundry and kitchenette.

▼通往办公区和后台区的中庭,The Atrium leading to Admin and back of house areas © Brett Boardman

▼排练室,Rehearsal spaces © Brett Boardman

▼工作坊,Workshop spaces © Brett Boardman

▼新剧院化妆室,Dressing rooms for the new Wharf Theatres © Brett Boardman

▼服装部门,Costume department © Brett Boardman

场地尽头的酒吧上方还设有尼尔森家庭画廊,可用作School Drama™教学空间、工作坊、排练空间、活动和对外出租场地。

The Neilson Family Gallery is a new space above The Bar at the End of the Wharf that can be used for School Drama™ education, workshops, rehearsals, functions and external venue hire.

▼休闲区,seating area © Brett Boardman

▼酒吧和户外平台,the bar and the terrace © Brett Boardman

▼通高交通空间,the full height circulation space © Brett Boardman

▼顶层画廊空间,gallery space on the top floor © Brett Boardman

1号码头剧院现已安装南半球第一套沉浸式的Meyer Sound Spacemap Go系统,令作曲家和声音设计师更容易地创造出环绕式音响体验,同时扩大音响系统的控制范围。

The Wharf 1 theatre is now home to the first immersive Meyer Sound Spacemap Go system to be installed in the southern hemisphere, which makes it easier for composers and sound designers to create surround sound experiences and offers them a far greater range of sound system control.

▼Wharf 1剧场使用场景,Wharf 1 Theatre © Brett Boardman

▼演出结束后的长廊,The long walk post-show © Brett Boardman

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