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“I always believed that everyone has an artist hidden inside and that if you give them a good reason they are capable of doing wonderful things, and in these strange days of global lockdown, I believe that creativity can be one of the best therapies to fight anxiety and boredom.” PEJAC. With these words, Pejac is inviting the worldwide audience to grab their pens, brushes, papers, and scissors, and join him in building a monumental opus of urban art from home.

▼Pejac的作品“雨总会停”,”It can’t rain all the time” by Pejac © Pejac

Pejac最近重启了利用微型窗户绘画与外界进行互动的概念,来帮助自己渡过在马德里的隔离日夜,也同时满足自身的创作需求。在世界上绝大多数人都被限制在家中的这一特殊时刻,Pejac在社交媒体上发起了一项名为“STAY ART HOME PEJAC”的活动。他邀请人们与他共同探索、创造,将户外生活作为灵感来源和丰富的背景,在安全的家中创造城市艺术。

As a way of going through lockdown in Madrid, Pejac recently revived his old concept of miniature window drawings interacting with the life outside as a way to fulfill his vital need to create. Moved by the fact that half of the world is also confined to their living space, he decided to launch an initiative on his social media. Through the #STAYARTHOMEPEJAC campaign, he is inviting people to join, explore their creativity, and make urban art from the safety of their homes by using the life outside as a source of inspiration and rich backdrop for the work.

▼Pejac在社交平台分享他的创作过程,Pejac shares the creative process © Pejac


After only a few days the response of the public has been overwhelming with literally hundreds of submissions being sent in from more than 50 countries worldwide and counting. Reaching places all over Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Turkey, USA, Vietnam, Iran, India, Brazil, etc, the initiative is poetically standing up to the spreading of the virus. Having a new, simple way to play and create as well as capture and share this unique historic moment seems to be providing participants the feeling of a common shelter from otherwise tough and complex reality.

▼Pejac在众多投稿中选出的优秀作品,Pejac selected the outstanding works among the many submissions

▼其他参与作品,more works

More:PEJAC    更多关于他: PEJAC on gooood.

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