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堆叠这个项目展示了战后柏林兴建的部分典型房屋。对摄影师Malte Brandenburg来讲,这些房屋的结构比他们的建设背景更为重要。摄影师不认为它们是城市丑陋天际线的元凶,反而因为工程与技术充满张力。高塔住宅代表了过去中产阶级获得的巨大进步:这些能被轻易复制的房屋也被快速建造着,直到有一天,欧洲原来居民生活方式改变,而不在需要这些高层住宅建筑了,塔楼们便变成了城市生活的负担,成为了人们真心并不追求的廉价住房。

Malte Brandenburg是一位37岁的自学成才摄影师,他出生于柏林,现在居住在哥本哈根,摄影师喜欢秩序和对称,喜欢简约,并越来越注重事件构架及其背后深层次社会现象。

Stacked is an attempt to show some of Berlin’s post-war housing estates. I wanted to highlight the architectural structure of these buildings rather than their social context. I think by making them comparable you notice that they all have something in common, but that the architects still maintained their individual small little features. For me they are not ugly leftovers from past decades in a city’s skyline. I find they tell a story, which is still relevant today, namely the tension between engineering and the human element. Initially these buildings meant a vast improvement of life for the middle class in Berlin. They provided more space and were affordable, didn’t cost much in construction and were built quickly. However with time, these buildings were not really needed anymore by their initial inhabitants. Suddenly they turned into a burden for the city as the urban lifestyle of its citizens changed and efficient and cheap housing was not of real interest anymore for the masses.

stacked-1 Stacked by Malte Brandenburg

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About Malte Brandenburg

Malte Brandenburg is 37 years old. He is self-taught photographer, born in Berlin and currently residing in Copenhagen.

In the recent years, Malte Brandenburg focus shifted more and more towards architecture and the sociological aspects behind it. Malte Brandenburg prefer order and symmetry and he usually have a rather minimalistic approach in him work.

Malte Brandenburg is co-founder of visual arts collective Copenhagen Format, a group of international photographers who collaborate on various art projects and who support emerging artists.

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