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The design of the Spectris Innovation Center Porto facilities was presented as a self-inflicted exercise. The lack of referential context, caused by the decision to expand one of the existing building’s bodies to a completely inert attached warehouse space, was the starting point for the study of the interior occupation and an exterior building, as well as for the design and functional dynamics between the multiple contact spaces of both lots.

▼空间概览,overview © Ivo Tavares Studio


▼垂直分布并通往后院露台的办公空间,office space that is vertically distributed and opens to a backyard patio © Ivo Tavares Studio

The privileged location next to Porto airport, subway and highways helped in the decision taken to occupy the neighboring building. The set of about 650 square meters is characterized by its configuration in a warehouse of rectangular volumetry, with its longitudinal axis oriented northeast-southwest and with a central nave. The division is vertical and takes place on 02 floors in the area of ​​the existing offices (north) and an access to a backyard patio with about 500 square meters (south).

▼轴测图,axonometric drawing © studium

▼后院露台,the backyard patio © Ivo Tavares Studio


▼从办公空间看向入口,view from the working area to the entrnce © Ivo Tavares Studio

The entrance is the first functional unit that defines the symbiosis between the past and the innovation requested to the present. This is the premise on which the creative concept for the project is supported, through an ambitious program for the creation and distribution of around 60 open space jobs, in a fusion between meeting areas, team work areas, individual spaces and the expected decompression and leisure time. The central open space thus articulates the community in spaces for meeting and being with spaces for teamwork in a convergence of uses, functions and unequivocal scales for residents as well as for visitors. The meeting spaces follows this scale in proportion and in the occupation of the existing space: starting from the auditorium as a generating element of different spaces (in themselves and surrounding, own and even resulting in excess) which are combined with the confining and structuring containers (agents of access control and upper floor limit) and as a structural element for team growth on the upper floor supported by these preliminary support points.

▼一个约有60个工位,融合了会议区、团队工作区、个人办公室和休闲减压室的开放工作空间,an open workspace of about 60 workstations that incorporates a meeting area, a team work area, a personal office and a leisure and stress relief room © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼从公共办公区看向封闭办公区,view from the public office area to the closed office area © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼沙发休闲区,sofa leisure area © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼阶梯休闲区,stepped leisure area © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼空中走廊,air corridor © Ivo Tavares Studio


▼可以向上部拓展的公共和办公区域,public and office areas that can be extended upwards © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼公共办公区一角,a corner of the public working area © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼敞开门的集装箱封闭办公室,container enclosed office with open door © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼空间一角,a corner of the space © Ivo Tavares Studio

Maximum performance implies a break, recovery and sometimes an escape. The placement of the dining hall in the backyard space proposes exactly that moment of meditation and contemplation, whether by the presence of the collective or the individual, the outer space is appropriate and in which we can freely breathe.The connection with the gym and the game room, justifies the sustainable attitude of comfort and well-being in modern office spaces, in addition to the individual conditions of each individual workstation.

▼从办公室看向楼梯间,view from the office to the stairwell © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼折叠门,the folding door © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼空间细部,details © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼游戏室,game room © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼办公可空间细部(左)与游戏室细部(右),details of the office (left)and of the game room(right) © Ivo Tavares Studio


As a unifying element of the entire space, we present the + system which in itself defines areas, functions and moods.

▼隔间细部,compartment details © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼墙面细部,walls details © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼装饰细部,decoration details © Ivo Tavares Studio

▼露台设计草图,the patio sketch © studium

▼场地平面图,site plan © studium

▼项目平面图,plan © studium

▼立面和剖面,elevations and sections © studium

▼办公空间轴测图,axonometric drawing © studium

Office: studium
Architect: Sérgio Miguel Magalhães
Colaborator: Catarina Rodrigues, Hugo Martins, Miguel Barbosa e Tiago Nogueira
Location: Rua Vasconcelos Costa, Maia, Portugal
Conclusion year: 2019
Build Area (m2): 658,50 sqm
Client: Detailsmind, HBM Fibersensing e HBK Porto
Photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio


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