Son Yang Won Memorial Museum by Lee Eunseok + KOMA

The gangway spiraling upwards reveals the saint’s footsteps.

Project Specs


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这个建筑项目是为了纪念韩国近代一位新教徒圣人 Son Yang Won。他在日本殖民时代为虔诚的信仰基督教教义,并为此献出了生命。该项目本身就是一座具有象征意义的“空间纪念碑”。空间中的三个主题,“抵抗”、“牺牲”和“和解”共同构成的展览空间的构想。

This architectural project was commissioned as a monument to the national patriot Son Yang Won who was made a saint of the protestant church, for a life of holy sacrifice and devout Christian faith during Japanese Colonial Era. The project has been constructed as a ‘Symbolic space memorial’, in which the three guiding mentalities of Son Yang Won, ‘Resistance’, ‘Sacrifice’, and ‘Reconciliation’ are structured for view throughout the three exhibition spaces.

▼纪念性的建筑,the memorial space

▼项目位于一片山脚下,the project sits at the foot of the mountain


The exposed concrete cylinder is a closed-off form divorced from the external space, and cleanly reveals the symbolism of the memorial. It is simultaneously opened up to the sky above and the water space below.

▼建筑外观清楚地彰显它的象征意义,appearance of the building reveals its symbolistic meaning

▼建筑同时向天空和水体敞开,the building opens up to the sky above and the water space below

通向建筑内部狭窄的通廊让游客简洁体验了 Son Yang Won 一生中必须忍受的生理和心理上的痛苦,这个通道旨在反映圣人曾经的脚步,他的虔诚和坚持一直支持他向前迈进。

The narrow road, which allows visitors to indirectly experience the unspeakable physical and psychological pain of Son must have endured during his lifetime, is a space intended to reflect on his footsteps, upon which Son must have advanced forward.

▼空间中缓慢上升的通道,the footpath spiraling upward

▼仪式性的空间,the ritual space


The ‘Lifted Volume’ was realized by supporting one corner of the cylinder with a concrete structural wall of different texture, situated among columns that were dispersed and arranged on the site area as if they had been scattered, maximizing its dramatic effect.

▼“漂浮体块”的支撑结构,supporting system for the ‘Lifted Volume’


The exhibition method of this memorial does not one to follow in the footsteps of everyday museums of common artifact exhibition. From the perspective that the space is translated into symbols to be exhibited, this memorial is more than a typical exhibition hall of artifacts. And it also can be dubbed as a ‘Museum of Spaces for Remembrance’ that embraces the spiritual heritage of Son Yang Won through architecture.


▼空间的多样性,the diversity of the interior space


▼轴测图,exploded axon


▼底层平面,ground floor plan

▼二层平面,second floor plan

Project Name/ Son Yang Won Memorial Museum
Architects/ Lee Eunseok + KOMA
Office Website/

Client/ Son Yang Won Memorial Society
Completion Year/ April, 2016
Built Area/ 1,268.06㎡
Project Location/ Gusung-ri, Chilwon-myeon, Haman-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

Photographer/ Joonhwan Yoon

Other technical info/
Structure engineer: Sen Structural Engineers,
Mechanical engineer: Jusung ENG,
Electrical engineer: Hangil Engineering,
Construction: Conerstone Construction.
Landscape Design: Yun Youngjo

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