Something That I Can´t Remember by Antonio Schubert

Memory and oblivion are intertwined to the act of taking a picture

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非常感谢 Antonio Schubert 对gooood的分享。
Appreciation towards Antonio Schubert for providing the following description:

由巴西摄影师Antonio Schubert拍摄的这组照片希望在遗忘与困境之间建立一种隐喻。前方的道路无法预知,而记忆又终将被遗忘。

The series seek to establish a metaphor between human oblivion and embarrassment, or even the impossibility to see the path that lies ahead. The memory heading to oblivion.


The essay came from the idea that Photography is a selection of what will become visible and internalised and what will become invisible and forgotten. Hence, memory and oblivion are intertwined to the act of taking a picture, in which, by dealing with what’s registered and what’s hidden, will always be an incomplete clipping of time. A still cut of the past which allows its partial and selective memory.

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