Paper Sculptures — Some Changes Were Made / CYBÈLE YOUNG

Everyday items change big

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Photos © Cybèle Young, Courtesy of Forum Gallery, New York

在2015年6月和7月,纽约Forum展廊展览了多伦多艺术家CYBÈLE YOUNG的和纸雕塑。在这系列手工创作中,艺术家将人们使用的日常物品,比如皮包,吉他箱,眼镜等等变成了抽象但是独特的动物造型,作品中展现出来的渐变过程充满乐趣和想象力,十分吸引人。

CYBÈLE YOUNGDE的作品虽然多元化,但始终以纸和手工为主要特点。这位艺术家在过去15年在世界各地已经举行了20多场展览。作品得到私人收藏家收藏。

Forum Gallery presents the first New York solo exhibition for Toronto based artist, Cybèle Young. In her practice, Young creates unique miniature sculptures from fine Japanese paper, often embellished using copper and chine-collé etchings. Since graduating in printmaking and sculpture at the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1996, Cybèle Young has shown her work around the world from New York and Los Angeles, to London, Japan, Stockholm and across Canada. Over the last 15 years, she has had more than 20 solo exhibitions.

In this exhibition, she explores the life of everyday objects that are left behind or lost by their owners. Using abstract and familiar motifs she juxtaposes the “lost” objects against each other to create a sense of dialogue between them, animating their metamorphosis from ordinary objects into fantastical forms that beguile the viewer with possibilities. The exhibition also features a stop motion film installation by the Artist, of a folding-table exploring its moving parts, its fictional history and its future possibilities.

Cybèle Young has been awarded over twenty grants and important prizes, including the Canada Council Studio residency in Paris. Her work resides in major collections across the world and is included in the private collections of Ben Stiller, Christian Louboutin and George Soros. She has written and illustrated eight published picture books and won the Governor General’s award for her book “Ten Birds” in 2011.

Cybèle Young works in a diverse range of media but always at the root is a close connection to the hand, to paper and to the drawn line.
















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